Introducing the All-new 2015 Ford F-150 Pickup
Credit: Randy G.

Truck fans are jumping up and down this month as Ford Motor Company has finally launched their much anticipated all aluminum body F-150 pickup.  Ford has dominated the North American truck market with 38 years as America’s best-selling truck and many industry insiders are watching closely to see if the new model will help Ford maintain their grip on popularity.

The 2015 F-150 truck is consider a potential game-changer in the pickup category as the aluminum body has reduced the overall trucks weight by 700 pounds.  Based on Ford’s internal calculations the weight reduction along with additional engine improvements will produce better fuel efficiency by up to 20% over the previous year’s F-150 models.  The estimated miles per gallon are at levels never seen in a pickup truck before.  All of this while maintaining a best-in-class towing and payload capacity for full-sized pickups under 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight.

Introducing the All-new 2015 Ford F-150 Pickup Front View

Some people are skeptical that Ford can maintain the same level of quality their trucks have been known for but keep in mind the body is still made of high-strength, military grade aluminum-alloy with a completely high-strength steel frame and power train.  This improves the power-to-weight ratio with all engine line-ups for greater performance.  The jury is still out on whether Ford will make this work but this fan would not vote against them pulling this off with great success.  Innovation in the Auto Industry is an important success factor for automobile manufactures and Ford is differently leading the way.

I am fortunate enough to be one of the first private individuals to actually own the new 2015 Ford F150 pickup with it being built in October of 2014 with a final delivery earlier this week.  My long anticipated wait has come and gone and I can tell you the vehicle has not disappointed.  Over the years I’ve owned ten Ford trucks including a fully restored 1965 F-100.  I can tell you this new truck is without a doubt one of the finest automobiles I’ve ever owned.  Obviously everyone knows about the aluminum body from all the press coverage but what most people don’t realize is the entire interior of the vehicle has been modified with the latest innovation and technology available today.  Ford has increased the seat width and storage capacity within the cabin and leg room is the best of any truck I’ve owned.  A new navigation system along with My Ford Touch brings technology to a new level not seen inside the truck market before.  Simply an outstanding example of innovation and manufacturing that I believe everyone would appreciate.

Ford Motor Company in my eyes has clearly taken the lead in truck manufacturing with its new innovative aluminum body F-150 pickup.  As we move into 2015 it will be interesting to see whether Ford can sweep all the new vehicle awards and possibly earn the coveted Truck of the Year award.  It is great to be a Ford Truck owner today.

Introducing the All-new 2015 Ford F-150 Pickup Side View

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