Will There Be an Ipad Mini (Note) or Ipad Air?

If you love Apple products like most people, you're probably wondering about all these rumors regarding Apple's cheaper smaller tablet and the Ipad Mini specifications.

The other word on the streets and from Asian suppliers, is that Apple needs something to rival the Google Nexus and latest Amazon Kindle HD.

Update: As of Oct 23, 2012, this is NOT a rumor. More details to come on delivery, specs and even what Apple will call this baby Ipad.

Update #2: Press conference at 10/12/12 at 12 PDT today reveals the IPAD Mini (that is indeed the name it is being called) hits the market with the same or better features as the IPAD 4. 


Ipad Mini (Ipad Note)Credit: Gizmoto


The Facts about the New Ipad Production

Well the Wall Street Journal and other credible sources around the net have suggested that the Apple Note is already in mass production in China. Even Asian suppliers seem to be leaking to international press pieces and parts of the cheaper tablet version.

As standard of course, the Apple powers that be are tight lipped.

But previously when these sorts of reports have leaked from the mainstream press, the news ends of being true. Fortune magazine has even suggested that a press conference is scheduled on October 19, 2012.

What Would the New Ipad Note Look Like?

Here is what’s already been speculated upon as true:

Here are actually the facts, it appears the rumors weren't too far off.

  • The screen size would be 7.85 inches. (Remember that the regularly sized Ipad is 9.7 inches) The 7 inch tablet matches up perfectly with the Nexus and Google Kindle HD. (Update 10/23/12: The screen measures 7.9 according to Apple today. "Thin as a peice of paper:)
  • Headphone jack likely appears at the bottom of the new Apple mini. (Update 10/23/12: Seems true)
  • The new Apple Note Pad will come in two colors. (Update 10/23/12: FALSE, IPAD MINI will come in Blue, green, pink, light grey, dark grey)
  • The structure will have a thinner bezel with an “Ipod Thickness”. A smaller bezel ensures that the device is easier to hold and with one hand. (Update 10/23/12: TRUE)
  • Lower resolution. Hey for a lower cost I don’t think that the general public is demanding the all the same features as the traditional device. (Update 10/23/12: FALSE, Face Time Camera 5 megapixels and 1080hp video.)

How Much Will the New Ipad Mini Cost?

Since this device seeks to answer Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus, you better believe that it will be competitive on the price front.

Luckily Apple reports that the device will start at 16 GB for $329.00 for the WIFI version and go up to $629.00 for the 4G/LTE version.

Apple wants to get in on the cheap or budget tablet market and this company has been fierce in reacting to potential market threats especially since both Kindle Fire and Google Nexus have been rather successful in hitting the budget tablet market. And face it Christmas time seems right for this device to come out.

What do you think?

Will you be in line to get the new Ipad Mini for Christmas?