Kentucky Derby Party Ideas Sure To Please

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Tips for a Great Kentucky Derby Party

The first Saturday in May is host to the most famous horse race in the world when The Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. If you are unable to attend the Derby but still want to be a part of it, host your own Kentucky Derby Party that will be just as fun and memorable as well as save you huge costs from attending. There are some basic things you'll want for a successful party that will let everyone know that you're party will be one not to miss. Use these party ideas for the best Derby Party ever!


Kentucky Derby Party Must Have's:


The Invitation

Set the stage for your derby party with the invitation that let's everyone know what to expect. The outside of the invitation can show vintage hats, jockeys, horses, binoculars or the logo from the Kentucky Derby.

Use black and pink or red if possible as they are the colors that the Derby uses and use your own computer to create an elegant design with script or try evite for easy to use templates.

Include Derby part date, post time, luncheon or dinner menu and anything you'd like the guests to bring such as their own binoculars and Derby attire.


The Setting

Choose an outdoor patio or sun room with access to the television so that everyone can watch the horse race on television. Or just make sure that the television room will be ready for post time. Use a dining table or kitchen table with access to a bar area as well as the food station.


Mint Juleps

Buy silver or pewter mint julep glasses to truly authentic the same glasses used or find other derby party glasses with horses or roses etched on them for your guests. Prepare to have all the ingredients needed for this classic cocktail of the Derby. You'll need fresh mint, bourbon, shaved ice and simple syrup. Heat one cup sugar and one cup water until boiling. Remove from heat and add 5-6 fresh mint leaves. Muddle or press down on the mint. Chill. Remove mint before serving and double or triple this recipe as needed. Fill glass with shaved ice, 2 shots of your favorite Kentucky bourbon and add mint simple syrup, stir and garnish with fresh mint.


Centerpieces and Decorations

Create the perfect table with centerpieces fitting of the Derby such as binoculars for everyone, small horse and jockey figurines, jockey hats, rose petals along the entire table or small vases of fresh roses. Scatter posters of horses, jockeys, past Derby races and winners around the main party room, or create your own on a computer finding similar images that would emulate the party theme.


Derby Party Menu

Create your own Derby party with a luncheon or dinner menu that mimics southern fare. Include items such as tea sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, fresh vegetables, puffed pastry, quiche, Au gratin potatoes, corn bread, honey baked ham and for dessert it must be a bourbon style cake!


Derby Attire

Find derby clothing in such things as vintage hats, white hats, pink hats, red hats, any other wide brim hats or Edwardian style hat and fedora hats for men, colorful spring dresses or off the shoulder dresses, spring suits for men and add lace, large flowers or bows to any outfit and have an umbrella or walking stick handy. Derby attire is light, bright, airy, comfortable and flirty so feel free to add something new and exciting for your party!


Television Schedule

If you plan on having a Derby party, you will want to know when your television station will be showing the race and plan the rest of your events around it so that everyone can watch.

You may want to plan a little wagering too to get everyone into the spirit of the race!


Have fun planning a Kentucky Derby Party, you're sure to make it an annual tradition for you and your friends that everyone will look forward to!

Classic Kentucky Derby Mint Julep

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