The city of Bangkok, capital of enchanting Thailand, is doubtlessly one of the friendliest places for tourists from all over the world. A major portion of the country’s increasing GDP entirely depends on its tourism. Enchanting Thailand is among some of the most regularly visited countries in Asia, with around 15 to 20 million tourists per year. Other than tourism, the largest part of enchanting Thailand’s economy depends on agriculture. Enchanting Thailand is one of the major rice exporters, which also makes it an attractive travel destination for many business travelers from different part of the world, both for business and pleasure.

For tourists, the city of Bangkok offers a rich traditional culture, which is largely influenced by enchanting Thailand’s closest neighbors such as ancient China, exotic India and the extremely modernized Malaysia, as well as several South East Asian cultures that predate our existing date records. The special Thai Cuisine is particularly admired by all tourists as it proudly offers five distinct taste categories that include spicy, salty sour, sweet, and bitter. The staple diet of Thai people is rice. Recent reports show that there are more than 5,000 different varieties of Thai rice.

Since the city of Bangkok is not a seasonal destination for travelers, cheap flights to the city are easily available round the year. Most Airlines that service the city of Bangkok, allow tourists to savor the best in-flight services available on any flight. Business travelers, tourists and families on vacation, simple adore flocking on surprisingly cheap flights destined for the city of Bangkok for a number of understandable reasons. These include its admirable seasons, the Thai culture, exciting night life, colorful beaches, and the modern metropolitan flair of the living city.

With cheap flights travelers can discover numerous flavors in this marvelous city, each with its own special touch. For shopping pleasure, they visit Siam Square, or the commercial city center, to pleasantly marvel at some of the most exquisite hotels and ever glittering shopping malls. Travelers simply go wild at this enticing shopping extravaganza in the city of Bangkok.

For the party-type tourists on cheap flights, Sukhumvit District in Bangkok will be the perfect place. Here, they will discover the Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza which reflects the naughty reputation of Bangkok, with many rows of exclusive hotels and top class restaurants that cater to almost every taste and appetite. Silom displays a special twist peculiar to many oriental cities, where the district is a bustling business hub during the day and the largest partying areas by nightfall.

By taking cheap flights directly to the city of Bangkok, tourists can either travel around the city and visit Rattanakosin to see the beautiful Grand Palace, or simply awe at glimmering gold of Wat Pho and the larger-than-life lying statue of the great Buddha. Budget traveler will enjoy a visit to the Khao San Road to admire the true touch of reality and simplicity, as well as buy relatively inexpensive souvenirs and exotic oriental gifts for their family and friends back home. 

Grand Palace with Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) in Bangkok, Thailand.Credit: