YouTube is a premium source of income for the internet. There are tons of benefits that can be received from posting videos on YouTube. Online exposure benefits from using YouTube for nearly anything posted to the web. Exposure can benefit a blog, websites and content from writing sites or just about anything else you have on the web. YouTube is another resource users use for finding content on the web.

Google owns YouTube which means that the Google Search Engine is displaying YouTube results when people use This is basically killing two birds with one stone for search engine optimization for users intelligent enough to tap YouTube for their content.

The same way you earn money with Google AdSense you can earn with YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Partner Program

Great videos with YouTube and a growing audience can earn money with the YouTube Partner Program. The YouTube Partner Program is designed for users that already have a large audience or following with the site. The program is for users that have an existing audience. If an application is received and turned down, a new application cannot be submitted for at least 2 months. Therefore, if you don’t already have a large audience and want to increase your audience, start with the YouTube Promoted Videos program before applying for the YouTube Partner program.

An existing AdSense account must be in place before you apply for the partner program. You earn money by permitting existing advertisers to display their ads with your videos or make them available for rental with streaming.

YouTube will accept your application for their partner program and check several things before acceptance. Although they don’t spell out all the specifics with approval for the partner program they do mention an overview of some of the things YouTube examines in general with each application. They look at your country of residence, the size of your current audience, the quality of your existing content and how consistent you are with their current community guidelines or terms of use.

What video content can you make money from?

Users can make money from all sorts of video content including music video. Though, you must hold the copy rights to the video. If you don’t hold rights to your music videos you cannot make money. Therefore, if you are using a video of Justin Bieber in concert and don’t own the rights to his music video you cannot make money from the YouTube Partners program for that particular music video.

YouTube does admit they are currently focusing more on accepting users that regularly produce videos that are intended to be seen by a large audience or have published popular videos or users that have DVDs sold online. Other factors are also reviewed such as the number of subscribers for your channel and how involved you are with the YouTube community.

Some users are accepted with as few as 100 subscribers while others denied with over 1000 subscribers. A lot will depend on the type of channel you have and the quality of video content you have.

What are the earnings as a partner?

How much can you make as a partner with YouTube? Earnings depend on click-throughs or click per ad and work the same as earnings with Google AdSense. The exact amount of earnings per click is not displayed, but can be seen daily, weekly or monthly with the Google AdSense tool. You cannot control what ads are displayed and how much you get with each click.

What are the benefits of becoming a YouTube Partner?

There are some other benefits of becoming a YouTube Partner as well as great earnings.

  • Upload customized thumbnails
  • Use custom text on homepage
  • Use a custom channel banner
  • Custom video page banner

Application for the YouTube Partner Program

After you apply for the program your account will be quickly scanned. If your chances are good for being accepted you will be prompted to complete the application. If not, you will receive a notice to return at a later time for application

Improve your chances of being accepted

Although there is no guarantee of being accepted, there are several things that a user can do to increase the chance of acceptance with an application by doing these things;

  • Provide a theme for your channel and make certain videos relate to that theme
  • Videos should have the same quality as your written articles or blog. provide useful information that is relevant
  • Remove any copyrighted movie or music videos from your channel

After acceptance you can create a channel banner for YouTube that is displayed on the homepage of your channel.

Individual Video Partnership

YouTube does make it possible for users to earn from individual videos without becoming a partner with a channel. This was developed for those that haven’t established a large channel following, but may have received several hundred hits from a video.

Many users have received an email from Google for videos that would benefit from joining the program asking them to join with videos with several hundred hits. The email invites the owner to monetize the video with ads. Although you can certainly receive the income from monetizing your video you won’t receive other benefits from the partner program such as video page banner, homepage banner, thumbnail uploads and more.

There are no published requirements for the individual video partnership. Therefore, invite only is the current stance for Individual Video Partnership.

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