Men's Skinny Jeans with Tops in Group

There is an old saying, “Everything old is new again”, and this is perfectly true for men’s skinny jeans which have come back to our modern life everyday and more as a fashion.  Ever being treated as “feminine” and thus out of style for the past many years, skinny jeans are regaining popularity among guys today.  Not only do many male celebrities wear them, but more and more average guys wear a pair on the street.  Then, as a man, you can definitely try skinny jeans to make your life more colorful if you never had them before.

Compared to traditional men’s jeans like blue jeans, skinny jeans, as the name tells, are the type of denim pants whose shapes taper according to the lower part of your body and therefore the jeans can form very good fit against your legs and also make them tight around your ankles.  The major differences between men’s skinny jeans and women’s ones are: colors and crotch and waist areas.  Men’s skinny jeans are made much looser around the crotch and thigh areas; as for colors, the most common colors for men’s skinny jeans are the dark ones like black, dark blue and grey although red, blue, green as well as many other vivid colors can also be used for them.  Other features include low cut at the waist, usually a zipper or button fly, five pockets (two back ones and two front ones plus a small one above the right front bigger pocket). 

At this point, you may wonder what kind of brands out there in the market for me to choose.  Well, you do have a lot of choices.  Here are some big names:  Levi’s, Gap Old Navy, Banana Republic, Lee, American Eagle etc.  If you’re more of fashion follower type, you can also buy a pair of skinny jeans from those brands such as Alpha Numeric, Commune, Hawk Clothing etc.  No matter which brand you are looking at, colors and styles are the first things to be considered.  For colors, even if some vivid colors can be used for men’s skinny jeans as being said above, you should just have blackish, brownish or bluish colors as your main color choices as they will make you look manlier.  Another thing is size.  While choosing a right size for any of your clothes is a common sense, it is especially important in the case of your skinny jeans.  Always try to choose right size, and doing this will not only make you look good, but also ensure that you have enough room for your groin to wiggle.  When checking the size, pay special attention to inseam lengths.  If you cannot find a perfect size pair and you really like the other things with the pair, just go for a little bit bigger size as long as the jeans don’t look baggy.  A smaller size is never a good idea when buying skinny jeans for wearing these too tight jeans can cause problems like soreness and yeast infections.  As long as you get the right size, these skinny denim pants will not be too tight but make you feel comfortable and look fashionable at the same time.  Although it sounds a little complicated here, you can even purchase them online these days where all dimensions will be given in pictures as well as the easy ways of how to measure yourself to get the right size.  Skinny jeans are also quite affordable. 

Now it’s the time for you to put on your loved jeans.  This is not a rocket science, but you still need to “properly” wear them if you want to make yourself look fashionable in them.  Well, that is the major purpose of wearing them, right?  Although men’s skinny jeans can be worn with almost anything on top, there are still some general rules to follow for best appearance.  First and foremost, it is always best to combine your skinny jeans with a simple top and slimmer shoes since you like to get more attention to your legs. 

Couple your skinny jeans with suitable shirts; say, a slim T-shirt of simple horizontal stripes on top will be so nice for you to go to a party.  If you go to a meeting, you can pair your skinny jeans with a shirt and good look shoes, and that way, you will have both fashion and professionalism.  However, don’t wear shirts that are too tight since this can create a more girly silhouette.  Also avoid shirts with bizarre patterns or outrageous colors as they can make you look clownish.  As for shoes, it is easy to see that a pair of chunky shoes like heavy work boots can jeopardize the skinny effect of your jeans.  In addition, putting on a thick leather belt with your skinny jeans will add up more masculine characteristics.  At last, but not least, wear your fashionable jeans with confidence and fun and enjoy your life.

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