Dangers of Boils

If you are squeemish these pictures may be upsetting although Boils can be dangerous that is why I included them.  I have removed the real bad pictures now. Boils are a form of Golden Staff.

Need to know information on Boils and Carbuncles- they have been around for hundreds of years and yet people are still not sure about many aspects regarding catching and treating them. The main thing you need to know is that they are contagious and can spread if not treated with care.

 What are boils?

They are a form of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) a form of Golden Staph and can start like a small pimple on your skin. Most people have heard about that occuring in many hospitals and the dangers involved of this infection. These often form on a hairy part of the skin, like in your nose, the armpit, and the groin although they may appear where the sweat builds up on folds or creases of your skin.

 Who is most at risk?

Anyone can suffer from these even healthy people, and it is a fallacy that only dirty people get boils. We all need to be aware of the dangers of boils.  Yes and they are contagious too so use caution when treating someone with a boil.  Always wash your hands or better still wear gloves.

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Are boils contagious?

Yes that's right, boils are contagious. The bacteria in the form of pus can spread over your skin, causing more boils to form. This infection can be transferred by the person treating the boil if not enough care is taken to avoid the pus from spreading. Avoid contact to yourself from the pus spreading to any cuts or scratches on your skin while treating the boil or carbuncle.


What is the difference between boils and carbuncles​?

A boil will normally have one head of pus, which grows more painful as it fills with pus whereas a carbuncle may have four or five heads where pus will form in each. Carbuncles are furnuncles and often take longer to heal than other boils as they may become deeper infections.

Boils need to be treated with care

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Use as a temporary relief only. If it gets worse do not mess about see a doctor you may need antibiotics.

Information about boils

 Tips to avoid spreading the infections

  • Use your own towels and soap. Do not share with others
  • Have showers instead of baths if you have an infected boil or carbuncle
  • Keep the infection covered so as not to spread on sheet or bed clothing
  • Dispose of used medical coverings with care
  • Never prick the infected area, nor squeeze boil as you could make it worse
  • Use a medicated soap to wash hands and bandages
  • Seek medical attention if boil persists. You may need to take antibiotics to heal them. If proper care is not taken boils can even spread beneath the surface.

 Other Facts andTreatment for boils and carbuncles

 You can treat your boil yourself at home by draining the pus from the

infected area. Remember to avoid the pus from spreading on other parts of your skin.

If it becomes worse then seek medical attention. It may need to be lanced so as to allow the pus to drain. Sometimes you may have to take a course of antibiotics to heal it.

Personal experience

My husband had a painful carbuncle on his arm which we treated not knowing enough about it at the time. It was very painful and needed antibiotics to heal it.


About six weeks later I had a small pimple like infection come up on my stomach. Mine was a boil and gosh it was painful. And in both cases, not knowing enough about the treatment again we squeezed it. It took a month to heal and I still have red round mark the size of a twenty cent piece on my stomach.


I had two lots of antibiotics before it would heal. The worst part was that it started to spread underneath the skin and come up further over, as you can see the redness further over.


  • Thoroughly clean the wound making sure to avoid contamination with your own skin.
  • Treat the wound with an antiobotic powder.
  • Cover with Adhesive bandaid or suitable bandage and keep the area covered and protected. 


 Do not play around with something as simple as a boil. Especially when you do not know enough about them. I used to think they were simple things to get rid of but found out different.

I hope this article has not upset you and trust that you now know how to avoid having these by learning more information on boils and carbuncles.

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