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As I have described in past articles diets are ever changing. The research is contradictory and the advice even from physicians that specialize in weight loss also changes regularly. So what can be done to resolve this problem. I am certain if you have tried one diet you have tried others. Most patients I come across in my practice have good intentions. They seem to even be desperate at times. Why? Well simple,  in general diets do not work. In fact there is anecdotal evidence that after a failed diet your next diet will be even tougher due to the extra weight you gained following the failed diet.

None of you that have this problem are alone. It is the dirty little secrete of diets. That the overwhelming majority simply do not work in the long run.

The great news is there is a solution and it is so simple that you will be wondering why no one ever told you. Why your physicians allowed you to struggle with weight problems for years. My personal clinical opinion is a person who does not have a weight issue or has never tried to lose or even gain weight should not be giving out any clinical advice.

Again that's a personal opinion. Similar to my success in treating lower back and neck injuries. I have had my share of lower back and neck injuries and I know what works and what does not.

Okay to the point of this most simple but effective weight loss plan there is. I should state now I have never given a patient a formal diet because the out come studies are so poor. In fact my goal is to teach them what they already know. Diets rarely work. What I do . What I find is the key to long lasting weight loss is changing how your body deals with a calorie. I repeat...the key to long lasting weight loss success is not some diet. It is changing your metabolism. Changing how your body deals with a calorie.

That's correct ! No new diet but a new way of metabolizing your foods.

With in the last 2 year's some significant research has been published. One so profound in it's effects I had to try before I was to advise a patient on attempting this. The biggest problem is two fold. First and foremost we must manage our kidneys during this change .I will explain how. Very easy so please no worries. Second we have to be careful we do not put our systems into free fall weight loss. I know this can happen because it occurred when I decided to experiment with this change. Additionally I have had several patients ask me how to now stop there weight loss.

Once calorie burning occurs in a more efficient way this means your body has become ketotic. Ketosis is a term that literally means fat burning. Becoming permanently ketotic will allow you to burn calories...fats, even as you sleep.

The Secrete to  Weight Loss:

Now the simple details. Please do not complicate this. It is a simple change. First weigh yourself. What your weight is as long as it is under 200 pounds. That is now your daily intake of protein. One gram of protein per pound of weight. Do not exceed 200 grams of protein a day. Second enter your age and weight into a internet search engine and find your maximum heart rate while exercising. Most cardio machines have this right on them but in case they do not you will need this number. Which means you will need the ability to take your pulse.(Included below is a short video as well as written instructions)

Now take 5 minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike or maybe an elliptical machine and get your heart rate up to your peak in those first five minutes. From that point. The point you have reached your peak heart rate. Once at your peak heart rate you keep it there for 15 minutes. Yes just 15 minutes. Do this 5 to 6 times per week and with in 6 weeks your metabolism will change. You will begin to start becoming a calorie burning machine.

Therefore looking at weight loss from an entirely different view. Do not limit your calories. Burn them.

People do not realize that just the aspect of digestion takes calories. A perfect example is a salad. A salad takes more calories to digest then you get from the meal but who wants to eat salads all day. That is exactly why diets always fail. When a meal takes more calories to digest then you have obtained from the foods. That is called negative calories.

People want to enjoy there foods yet besides the stigma society puts on over weight people it is still clinically unhealthy. Arterial and heart disease,diabetes and numerous other disorders can occur to the human system if they are storing to much fat. Known in the medical profession as adipose tissue.

My goal here is simple. Give a patient or a person reading my articles easy sound healthy advice that primarily allows them to have realistic goals. Dieting and extreme exercise is simply unrealistic in the long run.

My solution is researched based. It is easy and best of all it minimizes your time exercising while allowing you to eat what you like. In moderation...of course. LOOK !! There are no bad foods but there are bad diets. Lets compromise.

Using the high protein system coupled with peak heart rate for 15 minutes. Well it won't get easier then this. In 6 to 8 weeks when your burning off all the calories you were not prior to having the sluggish metabolism generally associated with an over weight person can be resolved.

Now we must review some very important specifics. First weigh yourself. Lets use the weight 130 lbs. Now you need to get at least 130 grams of protein in you to complete half the process.Remember, your body weight in grams of protein.  That means you need to do two things. One buy a protein drink either premade or powder that you mix(less expensive is powder you mix with a liquid). I like mine pre-made and I buy them by the case. There 50 grams a drink and I drink 2 of them a day. My weight is 185 lbs. So now I need 85 more grams of protein. Most days I easily get that from my meals but some days I will drink an additional protein shake. Also and very important is one of the protein drinks is consumed shortly after the 15 minutes of exercise.

For this next part I ask you pay particular attention. High protein diets put stress on your kidneys. No worries though there is a simple solution. Water, water. water. At the risk of turning this into a chemistry course I will keep my point short but in bold print. A protein molecule has something nasty on it. A Nitrogen Atom. We need to get that atom out of our kidneys. How ? Simple, just make sure you are drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.

So now that you passed your chemistry class you learned why we need water when deciding on trying a high protein diet. That darn Nitrogen atom needs the Hydrogen atom from H2O(water) in order to not stress out your kidneys. No more complex then that.

The second half of you turning your body into a calorie burning machine is even easier but just as important. Simply get on your favorite cardio machine such as a treadmill and with in the first five minutes get your heart rate to it's maximum(remember the heart rate age chart). If your un-aware how to get your heart rate it's very easy. Take your pointer and middle finger follow your thumb on opposite hand to about your wrist .Place the 2 fingers in the slight indent that you will feel about 1/2 inch below the start of your thumb. Your pulse or heart rate can be felt there. Then using the second hand of a clock.After you find your pulse count the number of of pulses or heart beats for 10 seconds then simply times it by 6. So if you count 10 beats then times it by 6.Your heart rate is 60 beats per minute. Certainly we have to get you much higher then your resting heart rate in order to change your metabolism. (In case you have trouble finding your pulse.I enclosed a short video that will help guide you through the process at the end of this article)  That number is simply your peak heart rate for your age. Usually about 160 beats per minute or close to that figure will be where you need to be for the 15 minutes of cardio.  A reminder the chart is usually right there on the treadmill.

Incidently the average heart rate for a person at rest is 72 beats per minute. The more you exercise the lower that number will be. In fact just bringing that number from 72 to 62 beats per minute. By the end of just one day your heart has 1440 less beats then average. Do the math. Exercise has a benefit few talk about. Lowering your heart rate. In one year you can easily reduce your heart beats by over 200,000 beats per year. Tell me? Does that sound like something you would want to do? Read my future articles and I will teach you so much more then how to change your metabolism.

Though for today we are here to learn how to drop weight. The formula as I stated is an easy one.  Weigh yourself.  Make sure you intake a gram of protein for each pound of body weight then for just 15 minutes maintain you heart rate at its peak.

Some extra advice is drink at least two 50 gram protein drinks a day.Get the rest of your protein from food. I personally like hard boiled eggs in the morning. Eggs by far is the food with the best type of protein. It is also the only food with a protein efficiency ratio of 3.0. Without getting into a long explanation. 3.0 is the highest possible protein efficiency ratio and only the egg is a food that is 3.0 efficiency ratio.

So there you go. If your like most you know diets rarely work in long run. That's why I do not teach them. I go to the source, your metabolism. Change that.  Speed it up and you will lose weight and it won't return.

Enough of fighting this never ending diet battle. What do you have to lose by my suggestion of speeding up your ability to process foods and burn calories. You have just one thing to lose and that's ...weight.

Good luck and remember. There are solutions to most problems.  In this case. The battle of weight loss through dieting. I just handed you the key to changing your struggle with weight.

Weight loss should not be a life long battle. Follow my program and your road to a new quality of life is obtainable and of course spending some money on new clothing but that's the fun part.

If that doesn't get you motivated. Here is a short list of what excess weight can do to your health: Arthritis, heart disease, vascular problems,diabetes, stroke,knee and hip replacements. Degeneration of spinal discs. Do I really need to go on ? Stop with the diets and start with the source. Your personal metabolism.

Lastly and as always. Inbox me with any questions. If your having trouble finding your pulse.  Remember I added an instructional video.





50% of this change is the intake of protein.

Personally I buy mine pre-made or canned. You can save money and make your own

A must is drinking at least half your protein intake.

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