The land of animal world

India is the major wildlife hub and also the right destination for various natures and animal’s lovers who rush out here to pacify their burning desire looking the various wildlife species. Wildlife Holidays India have got a significant market value as most of the wildlife tourists are increasing day by day. India is not only the largest multi cultural country but also blessed with diverse natural endowments which have accommodated the wide variety of wildlife species that have scattered every in the country.

India is very affluent in wildlife comprising of more than 89 national parks and 488 wildlife sanctuaries. Various forests which have been accounted to be about 20 percent of the total geographical area became the natural habitat of these wide ranges of species. The major landmark of wildlife sanctuaries that have been widespread all over the country includes the famous four sanctuaries situated in the four directions. The Kaziranga of Assam in the east to Gir sanctuary in the west and the most visited sanctuary of Periyar in the south to the Corbett in the north are the major highlights of wildlife stamp in India. Wildlife holidays of India introduce tourists to the pleasant and eyeful sights in many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

There are thousands of holidays packages solely based on animals; the tiger tour packages in India is the most popular one. Most of the holidayers visit the country for various wildlife safaris purposes. Based on the preferences shown by travelers they are provided their suitable tours. Traveling far in the eastern part of the country there are many animal sights which will fill up the empty minds of the tourists with eternal happiness. Namdapha national park in Arunachal Pradesh is mostly known for tiger reserve and more famous one is the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary in Assam. It is well renowned because of the one horned Rhino but in fact, comprises of many other wild animals.

The Wildlife Holidays Packages in the south consist of the famous sanctuary called Periyar. It is a perfect animal paradise where prominent animals found are tigers, elephants, wild boars, monkeys, deer, Nilgai, Cheetah and many species of reptiles and birds. In the Gir sanctuary the king of jungle called lion is the main attraction; several other wild species also coexist in the forest. The Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan is again the destination for tiger’s lovers who can see the national animal in various actions and poses. Other significant creatures include Nilgai, Sambhar, spotted deer, wild boars, Leopard and many reptiles and birds. The consumers of various wildlife holiday packages should never miss to visit to the famous bird sanctuary of Bharatpur where they can see the multi colorful birds giving an eyeful sights to the visitors. Most beautiful ones are the migratory Siberian cranes, visit there during winter. Another famous destination would be the Valley of flowers which gives the heavenly look to the visitors in Uttaranchal. In this park the tourists or any nature’s lover will find the ambience created by more than hundred species of flowers more like a paradise. In India tourism sector is getting an upward push as several efforts are being put to further develop the entire tourism system. Travelers from any corner of the world will have home-feel and safe as several holiday inns, hotels and forests resorts are being developed which are adding more charm to the wildlife holidays and vacations.

If you are planning to have the wildlife flavor in India, choose the most suitable Wildlife Holidays Packages and you will have a great eternal experience beyond your imagination.