Promotion of your Crafts


It’s always difficult when you first begin a business and one that is of handmade origin can prove to be even more difficult. It can become your trademark if you market your art or crafts properly and consistently for your new Craft Business.

The most obvious way to market your craft is through craft shows, home shows, and fair. There are hundreds of these events but when you begin it’s sometimes better to stay as local as possible until you get your name and trade out there.

The second most obvious way is to make up business cards. This will be a source of advertisement for you everywhere you go. You can hand them out or put them on your table at craft shows. You can leave them anyplace with available space. You can make them a point of conversation. You can even hand them out at the grocery store while waiting in line.

Looking up local consignment shops might bring some quick exposure for your Craft business. You can find usually several in every town. Depending on what you’re making, you should try to line up your art with the right kind of shop. I’m not talking about thrift shops

But more like gift shops, or garden centers.

Promoting your Craft Business

Craigslist is another way to gain some exposure. You can post up to 4 pictures with your item. You can advertise locally so this will help establish your business.  You should find a website for your items. You can invest the money in your own website but you would also have the task of bringing traffic to it. The other alternative is to use to promote and sell your items. This seems to be the best site to generate exposure and some income for a craft business.

If you haven’t joined Twitter, you might want to consider it. You can Tweet your items right from Etsy. You can also post your items right to Facebook from Etsy. This will bring in a lot of traffic.

Another way you can promote and maybe getting some sales locally is actually through Facebook Groups. You can start a craft related group yourself inviting others to display their crafts as well, making it specific to your county.

 Discount coupons are  a great way to help promote your craft business. You can make them

Up for your shows or send them in mail orders. I make them up myself on Wordart. You should always put an expiration date and use phrases like “one per item”.

 Search the internet to connect with any sites that are linked to your crafts. Sometimes they will allow you to post your website to other members.  Starting a blog which relates to your craft/ art trade can be very helpful to your new craft business. You can post things related to the craft and even post links to your items.

Last of all; don’t forget about your circle of influence when it comes to your crafts.