With droids and iPhones being the top leading cell phone brands these days, I often get asked by friends and family which phone is better? My own father asked me this question and because I own an iPhone 4S, I automatically told him that they are the best. I based my answer off my previous experiences, by comparing my Droid Incredible with my 4S. I told my father that droids freeze a lot and are just not as high quality as iPhones. I couldn't have been more wrong.

After doing some online research, as well as heading into a Verizon store, I discovered that my previous opinion of the two phones was based off of assumptions and not facts. Furthermore, I was unfairly comparing and older phone with a newer phone. After getting the facts straight, I was surprised at how my opinions had changed. For that reason, I thought it might be beneficial to share with you what I have learned.

The Rivals

Droid is a broad term as it refers to a type of phone with many different models. So for this comparison I decided to use the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is one of Samsung’s most recent models, and is highly recommended when it comes to droid phones. I will be comparing this phone with the iPhone 6. This phone isn’t released yet but it’s estimated to release soon in September of 2014[2]. And while the iPhone 5s is an option to look at, it’s only fair to compare the absolute most recent technology, so why not look at what's about to come. Additionally, some may argue that because the 6 is not out yet, its specifications aren’t certain. However, the resources used here, as well as the professionals at Verizon, offer strong speculation as to what the phone will contain.

The Specs

The Galaxy S5 has many great features to offer such as: a 5.1” display, a quad core processor with 2GB of ram, and perhaps most impressively a 16MP camera[3]. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a 4.7” display, with the possibility of releasing an even later model with a 5.5” display. Some sources say it is to have a quad core processor, while Verizon associates speculate it will keep the same dual core processor that its predecessor has. Either way the 6 is estimated to have only 1GB of ram. Additionally it is said to keep its 8MP camera[2]. These minor upgrades may be improvements from the later model but overall it appears the phone is projected to fall short in comparison with the Galaxy S5.


Comparing the apps that each phone has to offer and deciding which one is better really boils down to personal preference. Both phones offer tons of applications which may be formatted for their brand specifically or shared between both. That being said, it seems that a multitude of people are drawn to the iPhone for its apps. This is because the iPhone has trademarked many apps, including its very popular  iTunes. iTunes allows users to sync purchased music from their computer to their iPhone. There's really no other music app out there with such a high authority. For these reasons, it would appear that the iPhone takes the lead when it comes to apps.


Lastly, the pricing should be considered when looking at both phones. The Galaxy S5 is currently priced at 200 dollars in Verizon stores, or 150 at Best Buy. Some estimate the iPhone 6 to be priced at the same value that the 5 was sold for, while others suggest a price of 50 to 100 dollars more than that, due to the larger screen. This increased cost would put the phone at 300 dollars[1], a price that seems unreasonable when considering the minimal advance in its technology. Overall it seems that the consumer is getting more bang for their buck with the Galaxy S5.


Upon asking my peers, many people said they like the iPhone due to its simplicity. Others claim they don’t want to make the switch because they don’t want to have to learn how to operate a new phone. Still others remain with the iPhone because of its exclusive apps. In the end, it all depends on personal preference, and what suits your needs and desires best. But when strictly looking at the facts, it would seem that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 just might have the iPhone 6 trumped when it comes to the technology they have to offer and the prices their asking for. Hopefully you can use these facts to make an educated decision during your next purchase.