Don't Limit Your Solar Lighting

When a homeowner thinks about solar lights they might be visualizing all the attractive new outdoor solar lighting devices that have become so popular. These lights not only add visual attraction to the home but in many cases they are useful to light a dark sidewalk or driveway.

Today it is difficult to find a patio or deck that is not adorned with some type of solar lights. Patio umbrellas are now available with strings of solar lighting built into the canopy or inserted into the umbrella stand.

Moonrays 91515 Solar Powered Turtles on a Log with Glowing ShellsCredit: AmazonRailings and steps are often decorated with any number of attractive and useful solar lighting systems. Camp grounds and trailer parks are ablaze with colorful party solar lights. These lights are so popular because of their low purchase prices, low maintenance and free operating costs because their solar cells are charged free of cost by the sun.

However limiting your solar lights to purely decorative service is missing some great oDesigners Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed LightCredit: Amazonpportunities to add working lighting to areas such as storage buildings, garages and other areas where working light, not decorative light may be needed.

While Solar Lights Can Be Attractive They Can Also Serve Well In Emergencies

In areas where storms frequently knock out the electric power, solar lights can keep you out of the dark duriConcept SL-100 32 LED Solar Security Light with Motion Detector(83438)Credit: Amazonng all those long days the power grid is down. While many homeowners have turned to backup generators to get them through these down times, these units need expensive gas or diesel fuel to keep them going and they are noisy.

Solar technology has now advanced to the point where  a solar portable solar generator or portable solar charger is an affordable alternative to many gas or diesel generators. If you are considering a back up generator you should also review the available solar generators. These units offer quiet, cost free electric energy and are attractive options for home backup power or portable power for camping or other outdoor activities . Be sure to read customer reviews to make sure you buy a unit which has proved itself in actual use.

Solar lighting on the other hand is absolutely quiet and if there is even a little sun light they will provide hours of needed and appreciated light. There is always a certain amount of pleasurOutdoor solar LED wall-lamp,solar light,voice controlCredit: Amazone enjoying the flickering of candlelight in a darkened room or over a quiet meal.

But depending on candles for light during days or weeks of power outages can be expensive and if not used carefully a cause of fires. Battery powered lighting is always a help but again with out a means of charging these devices they will only be useful for short periods of time.

Keep Your Cell Phone Charges While Away From The Power Grid

One of the best uses of solar cells in emergencies or when backpacking or camping in rOpteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery   and Charger for Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod, and Most USB Powered DevicesCredit: Amazonemote areas where emergencies are possible is a  solar cell phone charger. This type of solar charger could save a life or at least keep you in contact when normal electric service is not available to keep your phone charged.

While these tough little units may not keep a laptop in service they will do very well with many other small electronic items such as cell phones, iPods and others. Simply place it where it can reach sunlight , even strung on the back of a backpack while hiking and it will recharge itself and be ready to provide power after dark if needed.

Solar power has long been a sought after alternative power source. Now that fossil fuels are reaching extreme price hikes and frequent storms and high winds and flooding seem td.light S250 Solar LED LanternCredit: Amazono be forcing the electric power grid to go down more often for extended time periods, there is a growing need for alternative sources to get us through these emergencies.

For many people that have made extensive use of  various solar power systems the answer to the question, “What is solar energy”,  might be , “A wonderful gift from Mother Nature”.

Solar Panel Efficiency Is Growing Every Year

Solar cells in many different configurations such as solar lights or a solar charger are now capable of filling a need for both emergencies or simple convenience to allow us to continue to enjoy the use of all the electronic devices like our cell phones when the standard electric service we normally depend on is not available.