As a student learning to speak English you want to earn the best score possible on the TOEFL. A high TOEFL score helps students qualify for a student visa in many English-speaking countries, such as Australia. Many colleges and universities in the US and other countries require international students to earn a good TOEFL score for admission. Check out these fun tips and resources to prepare for this popular English language exam and earn a great score.

There's a very good reason so many colleges and universities in the United States and other countries require international students to score well on the TOEFL. Attending an English-speaking school requires a high level of English ability to do well and graduate with a degree. A good TOEFL score lets academic institutions know you can read, listen, speak and write well in English. This challenging test requires you to really understand and think in English. You really need to study and prepare to take the TOEFL test to do well.

Watch TV to Study for the TOEFL

TOEFL TV ( offers a great way for ESL students to learn English and improve their skills before taking the TOEFL. The YouTube channel offers videos made by teachers and students with tips to help students learn to speak English better. Colleges and universities also talk about why they require international students to take the TOEFL before being admitted. Students also talk about ways they studied for the TOEFL exam.

Interacting with other English speakers offers the best way to learn to speak English. This is why ESL programs that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of an English-speaking country help so many international students improve their English skills. However, the fun, informative videos on TOEFL TV give students another way to interact to study and work on their English.

Improve Your English (and Your Score) with a TOEFL Study Guide

Since the TOEFL also tests your ability to read and write in English, a TOEFL workbook gives you another good way to prepare for the exam. You'll be able to follow an organized set of lessons designed to help you prepare to take the TOEFL. Along with many practice exercises, workbooks and study guides for the TOEFL usually provide great tips for other ways to study as well as test-taking tips.

Many ESL programs in US cities give you a good way to improve your English and score high on the TOEFL. In fact, most English as a second language schools actually monitor your progress in English by having you take the TOEFL or other similar English language exams.



Success = A College DiplomaCredit: ben chaney

Most schools also offer practice exams and study exercises for students planning to take the TOEFL. As an added benefit, when you learn to speak English in a country where the native language is English, you gain many ways to improve your skills on a daily basis.

A great TOEFL score can start you on the way to achieving your academic and professional goals. Make the most of all the study materials available to help you get the best score possible on this popular English language exam. Preparing for each area of the test helps you achieve the best possible score. So be sure you use a variety of different materials as you study. Who knows, if you study hard enough you might even be able to achieve a perfect TOEFL score of 120!!!