Pearls have adorned both men and women throughout the ages, loved by some and avoided by others, who associate them with sadness and regard them as an unlucky omen. Whatever your view on the pearl is, items of pearl jewellery always have a special aura about them and used in some magnificent settings of a variety of items. As gifts, they are an ideal choice and on a more personal level used as jewellery for own.

What is a pearl?

A pearl is a thick lustrous concretion formed inside the shell of certain molluscs and then used as a gemstone. The finest pearls come from oysters, found and cultivated in the Orient and the South Sea Islands. Prisms of calcite or of aragonite secreted by the mantle of the mollusc are then deposited as nacre in  very thin layers, usually around a grain of sand, which has attached itself to the shell. This is a natural pearl. A cultivated pearl works on the same system, where a tiny piece of foreign matter  is manually inserted for the nacre to form and grow around.

Pearl Mussels

The use of Mussels for  freshwater pearls is ideal but they are of an inferior quality to those of an oyster pearl. These pearl are manually created. Their shells are perfect mother-of-pearl items, particularly for quantities of buttons and for items of less expensive jewellery.  When smoking was the fashion, the use of mother-of-pearl cigarette cases and for calling card cases, was highly sought after.

Pearl Jewellery


The wearing of a string of pearls is always an accessory to any women’s outfit, whether as a single strand, a double strand, all evenly matched or else as a graduated strand. Long or short, the look becomes classical and elegant. They can improve a look for the day and enhance by giving a new air for evening wear. A necklace of good quality evenly matched round pearls, of a colour that is well matched with your skin colouring, does justice to both you and the pearls that you are wearing. Coronets and tiaras usually have pearls set in them together with other gemstones.

Pearl Rings

A pearl for a ring is merely set into the ring, mainly in high carat gold. Pearl rings are also set with silver and therefore less expensive to buy. Many men like to wear a ring with a little pearl inset, particularly as a dress ring on their little finger with a tie-pin and matching cufflinks set in gold or silver, offsetting their attire. Mourning jewellery rings often have a seed pearl set into them.


Pearl Earrings

Throughout the centuries, fashion of wearing earrings has been constant, both being worn by men and women alike. These ear ornaments have varied with their style and content over time. Women in particular, like wearing much more ornate earpieces, than their men counterparts do. The  pearls in earrings has always been a fashionable asset. Pearl earrings are of following types

a single close-fitting pair

a drop earring

a pearls on their own or offset by diamonds or cubic zirconia.

Pearl Bracelets

Wearing a pearl bracelet adds to your pearl look. The usual wearing of a pearl bracelet is as a single, or as a double strand, or even as a trio of strands, putting a complete and elegant look to any outfit.

If you can’t afford diamonds, pearls are a gorgeous alternative.