Using mild steel in roofing is the new trend in roofing. And while I say “trend” the method of using mild steel tubes, sheeting and plates is a popular for a reason. If installed properly, mild steel can be much safer than other more conventional methods. If you decide to use mild steel, there are several brands that are now distributing it for roofing purposes. This allows you to decide between varying prices and thus qualities of steel. Be certain to carefully research your mild selection. Some brands have lowered the quality of their metal to just above the acceptable safety requirements in order to lower their prices as much as possible. This decline in quality can be very dangerous.


A common problem for the contractor or home owner is finding a good quality, lightweight steel that is priced within reason for the project’s budget. This drive to find more and more inexpensive steel is part of the reason lightweight steel is becoming increasingly less safe as the costs go down. It is completely understandable for you to want the least expensive mild steel you can find, but safety should not be traded for price. A balance must be found between the two. To find this balance, research your mild steel choices thoroughly and make certain the brand you choose follows both material production and installation standards. If you used structurally unsound  mildsteel as roof framework your project can collapse, causing far more monetary damage in reparations and rebuilds, as well as possible medical bills and the cost of someone’s life.


The massive growth of buildings in large cities has also increased the demand for large quantities lightweight steel. This increase in commercial demand is also contributing to the mass distribution of unsafe steel. Mild steel should be lightweight. This is a given. However, the steel must be tested by the manufacturers to ensure that it is sturdy enough to hold a certain amount of weight and upholds safety regulations. Safety requirements for mildsteel should be the first thing a contractor or home owner researches, even before price. Building the framework of your roof from mildsteel is a cost effective method, but be smart. Whether you are building a home or an office building, choose a sturdy mildsteel to suit your framework needs.