Getting a gym membership and starting a fitness plan always comes to mind sooner or later, it's just a matter of setting it into action. 


1. Deciding what gym, depending on where you live, will be your first decision.

It is best to find out each gym's rates, their hours (as I like going really late the best, and some gyms aren't 24 hours), and the size. In my personal opinion, going to a 24 hour gym is the most flexible, no matter what your schedule is. Odds are, if it is 24 hours, it will be less crowded during peak times, like around 4-7pm, since it gives you the option of going any time. Also, if you like going late like me, you sometimes get free range of all equipment and it can be nice to have it all to yourself. 

 Size is also definitely important. The smaller the gym, the more crowded it will be, any time of day. Unless the gym is 24 hours, you will most likely find yourself waiting for machines more often, as there are less to go around. Especially when the meatheads come in and take up all the weights. (haha!)

 Another factor is monthly cost. Some gyms can be very expensive, so it is best to look around and browse to see what gym has to offer according to it's rates. 

2. If it is your first time going to the gym, don't be nervous or self conscious. 

  It is easy to feel a little uncomfortable going to the gym your first time - you may find yourself comparing your body with other people, don't do that! Everyone has to start somewhere, and you will only get better from here. You may not be as buff or as skinny as the person on the machine beside you, or may get out of breath easily, but just stick with it. Stop comparing your endurance or strength to other members and just focus on you. Chances are, they will be doing the same, and try to keep it out of your mind. 

3. Stick with it!

  Days may come when you really don't want to go to the gym. You're tired, bored with it, not feeling any different, but keep at it! A lot of people will give up on working out if they don't see results instantly. It takes a few weeks to start noticing a change in your body but the wait is definitely worth it. If you get bored with the gym, switch it up! Try out new machines, ask employees there for some tips, and a lot of gym offer classes to take that can be exciting and something new. 

4. It's not just working out.

  Yes, going to the gym can be extremely beneficial to your health and fitness, but make sure you are not just compensating eating a ton of junk by going to the gym. Diet plays a huge role in fitness, and by not fuelling your body properly, working out will not give you your desired results. Make sure to stick to a balanced diet and you will definitely see your hard work paying off that much sooner. 

  It's always hard starting a fitness plan and sticking to it, just remember that being patient and sticking it out will all be worth it in the end. Don't care about what anybody else thinks, just focus on yourself and you will be much more comfortable and confident.