In this article I want to show you the last device that I have bought in Deal Extreme. It is a USB Rechargeable, Portable MP3 Music Stereo Speaker with FM Radio + SD/MMC/USB. It remembers the last file you were listening to. It is very easy to take it everywhere. It is very useful to listen to your favourite music, audio books or pod casts in situations where it is not comfortable to use your earphones. The sound quality is surprisingly good for the amount of money you pay for this stereo speaker. Its power allows you to listen to what you want in a relatively noisy environment.
You can charge it using the USB port of your computer or laptop. It comes with the suitable cable to charge it. It has an AUX port  so you can connect the device to an external player and use it exclusively as a speaker/ loudspeaker. It comes with a mini jack to mini jack audio stereo cable to connect the AUX port to the external player. Besides, you have an SD slot and a USB slot. Its battery is USB, rechargeable, and lasts a long time. 
It has a menu button used to change between the different sources: AUX, SD, USB or FM Radio.When I am shaving I can have it with me in the bathroom so I can listen to some pod casts. I also use it when I am cooking or even driving a car without a radio. This device is very light.
It has an LCD display that tells you which track is being played at the moment, how long (it) that track has been played, the volume and the device you are using as a source (AUX, SD, USB, FM Radio).  It is illuminated so you can read the LCD display when you are listening to it at night. It also comes with a play/stop button and a round button to control the volume and select the next or the previous track.
You can also use it as an alarm clock but I have not yet tested this feature. One of the big advantages of this stereo speaker and mp3 player is its low price: you can get it in Deal Extreme really cheap, with free shipping. It comes with a remote control but I have not used it yet.
As a summary, I recommend you this stereo speaker and mp3 player because it is a great bargain. The materials and the quality of the sound are remarkable, taking into account its extremely low price.