Affiliate marketing actually refers to a form of revenue sharing adventure between merchants who does their business online and owners of respective website they use as platforms for conducting business. Website owners places adverts on the website to assist in sending potential or willing customers to the website of the merchant's or to sell the products of the merchant's in exchange of a portion of the profit merchants incur. There are three broad ways that you can earn money through this affiliate marketing program namely; pay per lead, pay per click and pay per sale.

What To Sell?

Affiliate Marketing Channels

1. Pay per click, each and every time a willing or a potential customer for that matter leaves the affiliated website by actually clicking the link which leads to the merchant's website, a definite amount of money is actually earned by the affiliate. The amount earned varies depending on the agreed commission as well as the type of service or product. Then the money is transferred to the affiliate either at intervals or immediately; or even mailing of the cheque at intervals.

2. Pay per sale, this type of advertising only allows the affiliate to actually earn some money when a sale occurs resulting from advertising. The affiliate could be entitled to earn a flat charge, commission or a percentage proportional to the amount of the sale.

3. Pay per lead, in this type of advertising, when a client registers at a merchant website a certain amount of previously determined money is automatically gets in to the account of the affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Guide

This is actually one of the current earning money methods employed by merchants on the internet. Indeed it ranks among the best sources for income earning by homes. Below is a guide on how you can establish a home business, make money while still at home and exponentially grow your income with the use of the existing affiliate programs.

Conduct a research on the internet on the top and best affiliate programs, recommended and reviewed, and you will definitely find an income opportunity which best suits your needs and meets your expectations equipped with the tools that you actually need to create profitable business. Steps to follow;

1.Create an account by simply signing up to the affiliate program that is best for you, and within few hours you will be having money making site fully set u and operating .

2. The next step to take is subscribing to the free newsletter of the website, and instantly you will get all the contents and information you actually need to start generating income while still at home.

What Can I Sell Online?

What can I sell to make extra money online? This is a critical question for any party interested and should be answered relevantly. Learning how to make extra penny with this program of affiliate program is a task. One must undertake specialization. It is the expectation of each and every merchant to make that extra penny however, one must identify advertisers who relate to the actual topic of his/her website or blog. Affiliates offered by websites for mortgages and credit card always have a tendency of paying highest commissions; hence it is advisable for any interested merchant to deal with mortgages and credit cards.

Affiliate Marketing - How It Works?