With today’s modern electronic era, protecting a business doesn’t just mean protecting a few pens and pencils. For most businesses, even small ones, there are thousands of dollars worth of electronics and merchandise located behind a door or a few panes of glass. If that door or those windows are the only form of protection your business has, then it might be time to start looking into video surveillance. There are several reasons why video surveillance might be right for your business, but here are three of the main concerns that a few video cameras could help to allay.

  1. Video cameras can act as a deterrent. The beauty of a video camera is that it is visible. Sticking a video camera right in the corner of your office, where everyone can see it, can go a long way toward preventing theft and burglary before it happens. Think about it: why would anyone steal if they suspect that they may get caught? New surveillance technology can give you the peace of mind that your business is protected, and will save you time and money. Integrating your surveillance set-up into your security system can deter crimes and keep you informed of incidents on the premises.
  2. Although crime from the outside is a big concern for many businesses, an equally large problem can be employee theft. Whether you operate a restaurant or a retail store, putting up a video camera in your stock room can mean the difference between having to fire a valued employee or preventing that unfortunate occurrence. Again, the camera acts as a deterrent, keeping the crime from every occurring.
  3. Ensure your employees’ and customers’ safety. By installing a security camera in your business, your parking lot, or outside of your building, you can keep your employees safe when they’re at work, leaving work, or arriving at work, and customers safe when they are visiting your business. The video camera provides security as a deterrent, but also as a record of anything that happens. If suspicious people are seen outside your business loitering, you can call the police based off your camera records to make sure that they don’t present a safety concern to your employees or customers.

There are, of course, many other benefits to installing a security system for businesses. Surveillance cameras can be used to monitor cash handling and POS transactions. This is helpful in ensuring employees do their job, and will prevent loss from “unauthorized discounts.” Having cameras focus on your POS machines or cash registers will deter employees from stealing.  They are also powerful tools for monitoring your employees’ conduct when you are not around. You can also use this system to monitor after-hours cleaning and maintenance workers, making sure they complete their jobs even without you there. There are also monitoring services that give you a live video stream from your cameras, so you can see what is going on in your business in real-time.

Obviously, there are many benefits to a video surveillance system that go  beyond simply recording crimes in progress. In our modern world, using technology to prevent loss can mean the difference between a successful business and a failure.