Pollen cleansing waterCredit: 2enjoylife8Credit: 2enjoylife8

The itchy throat, ears, and eyes can all be lessened by rinsing away the pollen irritants with water. Water doesn't cost much, and it doesn't take long for it to wash off the pollens of the day and reduce spring pollen allergy symptoms.

Shower and baths are the best mornings and evenings. They soak and wash away all of those invisible but irritating pollens. Oh to have the luxury to bathe three times a day. Bubble bath and stress relief heaven. But that time for bathing is something most of us don't have, so try a quick rinse off in the shower.  Running water over our pollen laden hair, eyes. and skin is a thorough way to wash those invisible irritants down the drian and will help reduce the discomfort of allergies.

If it is too time consuming to deal with wet hair or applying make-up twice a day, don't get in the shower. Instead use a clean, warm damp cloth to wipe away spring time pollens.

Start by gently dabbing face and eyes with the warm, damp cloth. Though the cloth won't wash away as much pollen as rinsing in the shower, it will remove some without removing much make-up.

After dabbing the face with the damp cloth, wipe off or pat the hair. This will remove some pollen without having to restlye hair.

Even wiping over clothes if there is no time to change, will eliminatesome irritating spring pollens reducing allergy symptoms.

If loved ones get their hair close to your nose, giving their hair a quick wipe too, may help you get close without sneezing.



Don't forget to rinse the ears and nose too. The shower is the best place to rinse the ears. Letting the flow of water stream gently into each ear and out again, can relieve the itching deep in the ear that never can be scratched.

Water washes springtime pollens out of the nose as well. In the shower or over the sink, sniff lightly a little warm salt water out of the hand and immediatley blow nose to get the water out. This rinses out the pollens. Just a tiny bit of water is needed to rinse the nostrils, and add pinch or two of sea salt without iodine. The salt helps to kill germs that cause the irritaton of allergy symptoms to turn into colds. It also reduces inflammation in the nostrils that cause a stuffy nose and make it difficult to breathe.

Many people find an over the counter saline solution nasal spray used three time a day more convenient than rinsing the nostrils with saltwater.

Finally, drink plenty of fresh water. It washes toxins out of the body, so there are less irritants to drain your body from functioning optimally. Just a glass or two of water may make you more alert as the water cleanses. Drinking water can also relieve the itchy throat caused by pollen allergies.

Water, completely natural, non-toxic, and kid friendly may be the easy answer to relieving hay fever this spring.