Lap band laparoscopic weight loss procedure has a well-deserved popularity among the surgical methods used in weight loss. It is the second most commonly performed weight loss procedure in the United States and it is among the preferred techniques used by bariatric specialists. Lap banding has several advantages and the most important of these are discussed below.

  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure

The new laparoscopic technique allows surgeons to have full access to the abdominal cavity and perform high accuracy operations without having to make a cut on the abdomen. Instead, a few small incisions are made through which special surgical instruments and cameras are introduced to allow full control of the operation.

  • Reversible weight loss procedure

You should look at the lap band procedure like at a long-term implant: should any health condition or other circumstance ask for it, the device placed on the top part of the stomach can be deflated or completely removed. Bariatric surgeons in Los Angeles County recommend deflation of the gastric band during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

  • Adjustable silicone device

The implant used in lap band surgery is adjustable in size and this makes this procedure a versatile surgical method, able to accommodate to the changed circumstances and health conditions of the patient.

  • Dramatic, long-lasting weight loss

If the procedure is followed by an adequate change in lifestyle which involves regular physical activity and healthy, balanced diet, the weight loss results of the lap banding restore the patient’s life to a much better quality, with all the more reasons for fun and enjoyment.

  • Wide Coverage by the Major Insurance Providers

Seek the assistance of  knowledgeable bariatric staff to learn about insurance eligibility for lap band procedure. If for one reason or another medical insurance does not cover lap band procedure in your case, medical specialists can still help by finding an appropriate payment option, including affordable financing plans.

Those who have had the lap band procedure find themselves in the comfortable and advantageous position to be able to join support groups where they can meet fellow bariatric surgery patients. The power gained from being able to celebrate the small successes along the way and from the ability to keep each other motivated is greater than most people are inclined to believe and can serve as foundation stones on the demanding journey of weight loss.