Laser toner refill

If you think refilling your printer’s cartridges will help you save even more, well let me turn off the bulb on top of your head, because actually it is a bad idea. Cost is the main reason that ultimately leads users to opt for refilling options. But instead of finding a solution to cut down their overall printing cost, they only get the reverse equivalent of it. Let’s say you save almost 50% from using refills, but in the long run do you still find it reliable?

Most of the users who have tried this method ended up with complains and bad experiences. It’s not even surprising, as we have also tried this option just to know exactly what you can get from trying it, and the results are very disappointing.

Laser printers, like the Brother HL-3140CW, they’re using larger cartridges compared to ink tanks. In order to refill a cartridge, you have to drill a hole in to the toner tank where you will inject the replacement toner particles. Generally speaking, brand manufacturers are refilling cartridges as well, but they do it on a proper way, undergoing several processes of disassembling, dismantling, cleaning, reconstructing, assembly and then the refilling stage. Unlike those third party refillers that just drill holes on cartridges, fill them with substandard toners and that’s it.

Due to this improper way of refilling the cartridges, when users install it with their printer, the results are very disappointing. Some even end up with an obsolete unit due to leaks, unrecognized cartridge errors, faulty cartridges and so on. It’s the worst you’ll ever experience when you used refilled cartridges, especially if you just recently bought the printer. With our test unit, toners from the Brother TN225 toner cartridge build up inside the printer on different areas. Thus, it requires serious cleaning from which I mean really extensive.

Refilling your own cartridges through using refill kits is definitely a big NO. Imagine how those who they call themselves experienced when it comes to doing such thing, yet they still end up producing faulty results. What more if you do it yourself? Instead of saving your money from what you have thought would give you savings, you might end up with serious printer problems that might cause you more to run a hundred dollars than buying an original set of replacements.

Users who can’t afford to continuously buy original replacements for their printer is something considerable. We are all aware of how much a piece of OEM cartridge costs nowadays, thus most of us are trying to find ways on how to generally cut down their expenses. But again, using refilled cartridges is neither an ideal nor even a considerable option that you should try.