Caring For Your New Baby.

first time mumCredit: taken by patrisyu Babies don't usually have a huge range of emotions, so first-time moms pick up on what their babies need fairly quickly. In the first few months, the best baby advice that you can get is to spend time with your infant.

Cuddle, rock, and play on a regular basis. This will help new parents bond with their babies.

Feeding Your Baby

Babies may either be breastfed or formula fed for the first few months of life. In fact, you don't start giving baby food until after the 6th month of life in most cases.

While your baby's eating patterns will change over time, the first few months are the hardest. Since babies have such small stomachs, they usually will want to eat every 2-3 hours.

When you're getting overwhelmed with feedings, try to recruit infant help from friends or family so you can get a nap or other things done.

However, even if you feel like you're always feeding your baby, this period goes by fairly quickly and it won't be long before mealtimes become much less frequent!

Choosing Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are one of the most fun parts of being a new mom! With so many options to choose from, you can dress your baby up in fun colors and bright patterns every day.

Baby showers are a great way to stock up, and you may even want to register for some of the outfits that you want. Remember that your baby is going to grow rapidly, so you should have a range of clothes in all baby and infant sizes.

Leave the tags on, because you may not even end up using all of them. Also, it's a great idea to have basic all in one for newborns. You'll find yourself changing clothes a few times a day in the first few months, so having some basic easy-to-wash outfits is a great idea.

What To Do With Your Crying Baby

When you have a crying baby on your hands, it raises the level of stress, but babies can't tell you why they're unhappy so crying is one of their only ways of expressing emotion.

First, check to see if the diaper needs to be changed since this is a common cause. Crying may also be a sign that your baby is hungry, hot, cold, or just want holding.

Many new moms find that swaddling their babies, talking or singing softly to them, or just rocking them is comforting.


These are some of the basics for baby care that you'll want to know. Remember that's it's also a great idea to get baby help from friends, and women who have already had kids and can give you some good advice.

In a short time, moms soon become confident in caring for their babies and these tips can help give you some baby advice to get started.