According to Thorn Klosowski of life, it has helped Alzheimer’s patients with memory. In addition, he states listening to music stimulates the hippocampus.  This handles long-term storage in the brain.  Do you need an immune system booster?   He also, adds science backs it up that soothing music decreases stress.

Classical Music for Dummies

Music has been around for ages.  I have even observed small babies and toddlers.  When they hear music, they smile and will even bounce to the rhythm.  There is just something about music.  Some of the kinds of classical music are classical 101, classical crossover,
Some classical music is dreary.   I do not like to listen to that.  I like the more upbeat classical music like, classical 101.

I do not know why, but I remember always loving to hear music and to dance.  I just thought it was a given that everyone knew how to dance, and liked music as a child.   Even in other countries, music a celebration. I loved being in the choirs at school and in church.  That was just a given for me.

Baby dancing in diapers

There was a study done by Denise Mann of WebMD.  It involved 143 people listening to music while they received painful shock to their fingertips.  Participants’ pain decreased as they became more and more absorbed in the tunes.  Therefore, music is effective for pain also.  

Ali Goldfield talks about watching a movie with no soundtrack.  Music can make you cry and it can make you feel energized when tired.


This Is Your Brain On Music

I can recall when watching a horror movie, the music that builds the suspense sometimes is just as horrifying as the real scenes.  Now that I have given it, some thought that is probably part of the reason I never liked horror movies, because the music was equally chilling as the scenes.  I do appreciate classical music with emphasis on the violin.  Although there was a time, my daughter took violin lessons and she would usually play a chord on the violin that she knew irritated me greatly.    

Kristian David Olson states that a solid way to increase the speed at which people learn is with music.  He goes on to say people learn through music and the mind grows faster.  
As I watched television observing the movies as well as the commercial, It is amazing at the different music that is playing.   Previously,  I had never given it a thought.    The next time you watch any movie, listen to  the music that is playing and see what your reaction is.  Also, try listening to the music played during commercials. [4693][4694][4695][4696]