In civilized society we like to think that we as a people are civilized and capable of neither violence nor criminality. We like to think that but reality shows us differently. All you have to do is read the newspapers or the news on TV. There you will see and hear of all of the ugliness humans are capable of. How does a person decide to be a criminal and to commit these acts?

One question is can a person be born a criminal? At times this statement may ring true but not all the times. There are children who were born in broken homes and they have become respectable citizens of society. Then there are the ones born from well to do homes and have both mom and dad in the house went to good schools and they grow up to be criminals and vice versa. You could never be sure what will make them go into the life. I too have a family member who has gone in and out of jail all his life. His Mom and Dad are working class folks and they themselves don’t know what made this relative of mine choose this life. I know they have to know that living this type of life has more negatives than positives.

There have been numerous scientific researches on how does a human being become a criminal. A physician by the name of Cesare Lombroso tries to prove that people who delved in crime had smaller brains than those who were law abiding citizens. It was an imperfect science and many people in the science world thought that the theory was full of holes. Maybe it could be because they did not have the technology needed to prove this. Not until a few decades later that two Harvard professors have found that Dr. Lomboso’s research may have some truth to it. There idea is that no one is born a criminal but that we are born with some “constitutional factors that predispose them to serious crime.” I could believe that we could be predisposed to certain stimulations which could make us do certain things

There is also a term called “The Biological Theory” in which predisposition to criminal behavior can run in families. This means that if there is someone in your family that was a career criminal then when that person decides to have their own children there may be a chance that at least one of their children will have the predisposition to crime.

Then we have the other part of the question “Are Criminals Raised?” This is another question that cannot be answered as of yet because we cannot pin point with accuracy. You see although its much easier to believe that a child born whose has been raised seeing violence and criminality may become a criminal him/herself. Or they may not become one and lead a normal life even though they were exposed to the negativity.

The social theory says that learning to commit crime by watching another and copying the person. This is what you see most of the time. When a child watches one of their parents engage in crime they child will watch and then adopt or copy what that parent is doing. If he/she sees it enough it will be something normal to them because they see the parent do it. If Dad or Mom were drug dealers there will be a chance that their one or more of their kids will engage in the business themselves.

Are criminals born or raised is still a question that has been floating around or many years. Maybe one day we could figure out a way to tell, as of right now though we are still in the “Nurture over Nature” theory. Until we find an answer to this question we will continue to wonder what can make a person commit crime.

What do you think? Are Criminals born or raised?