This article aims to make the reader aware of what audio typing is and will give a brief explanation to what an audio typist will do in their job. The technology they use will be discussed and the situation in which an audio typing service is usually required. It will also give advice on what anyone and any company interested in using a service such as this should do to ensure they receive an accurate transcript.

The basic explanation of audio typing is the process in which an individual will listen to an audio recording and type it up in written form. It is commonly known as either transcription or recorded dictation.

People that are in this line of work are referred to as audio typists and as professionals, are required to work through a lot of audio in one day and will make sensible judgements on the conversation they listen to without the individual who requires their service being available to them for assistance.

The many people who are in this line of work require certain kinds of technology to help them get the job done. The main piece of equipment they will use is an audio recorder and playback machine, these are used to store the audio digitally in many formats such as (WAV, MP3, WMA etc) and can come in many different physical forms such as cassette recorders, video tape recorders, DVD recorders and mini disk recorders.

These recorders can be used to received audio in situations such as conference recording and student lectures. Other examples in which their is a demand for

audio media to be transcribed to text are company meetings, professional interviews, group research get together, meeting minutes and professional reports

Audio typing companies will employ people with the main aim to dictate whatever audio is recorded in a precise and accurate manner. Many of these companies will guarantee this. If you are ever to use an audio typing service to transcribe any digital recording you have then simply make sure you have a clear and audible recording. this will improve your chances of receiving a transcript with 100% accuracy.

There are many benefits for any company e thinking about using a transcription service such as this. Many audio typing companies will guarantee confidentiality of the audible and written data, the turnaround time is usually faster than if you were to get anyone internally to do the task and more importantly, all audio typing work will usually be carried out by experienced typists with fantastic standards of written and spoken English.

Audio typing is a demanding task for anyone who undertakes the work, it is recommended you enquire with local transcription companies in your area with your specific requirements before you make any business decision.

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