Bears exist all over the planet. They come in many different shapes and sizes but generally feared by humans. In this article we will have a look at the different bear species that exists over the planet, comparing them for their statistics and how they've adapted to their environments.

All Bears are mammal which makes them part of the same group of organisms as ourselves and many of the world more evolved species. Bears are found throughout the world, but have often been hunted to near extinction by humans.

Black Bear

The Black Bear once existed throughout North America but with the colonisation by Europeans it was hunted till its numbers fell below 200,000. It weighs up to in excess of 400 kg and can be up to 2 m long. Females are around two thirds of male’s size. Their fur is coloured from a brown blonde to pure black, occasionally with a lighter chests spot and muzzle. The black bear eats green plants, berries, nuts and fish, especially salmon.

Asian Black Bear

The Asian Black Bear, as indicated by its name, is found in Afghanistan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, China, India and Pakistan. It is often killed by farmers for body parts which are used in traditional medicines and because of this is regarded as an endangered species. It is quite a lot smaller the feedback bear found in North America, with the males reaching around 110 kg. It is a similar diet to the black bear and is a very capable climber and swimmer.

Brown Bear (and Grizzly bear)

The Brown Bear, which has a subspecies called the grizzly bear, is one of the most famous bears because of stories of its aggressiveness towards humans. The grizzly bear gets its name because it's long, shaggy coat is sometimes speckled with white making it look grizzly. The brown bear is found in North America, with small numbers in other parts of the world. To survive it has to eat a lot in order to store fat so will consume fish, carrying, berries and fruit. It can grow up to 3 m long and weigh up to in excess of 600 kg, making it one of the largest members of the bear species.

Polar Bear

A Polar Bear can smell the seal pup from up to 2 km away, and can be a relentless hunter in order to survive in the Arctic North Pole. Their excellent smell and a willingness to travel up to 30 miles for food have enabled them to evolve abilities such as being able to run on land at 40 km/h. And males can be up to 3.4 m, 1 1/2 m high and weigh up to 550 kg, which is a staggering amount if you think of how sparse resources are in their environment.

These four bears are some of the most famous and interesting that exist on the planet. From the gigantic Brown Bear to the small Asian Black Bear, I think that bears are often misunderstood and are not respected enough for the lengths they have had to go to, to evolve for their environments.

Which bear is your favourite? Have you ever had a bear encounter? Please feel free to write a comment below.