Abundatrade.com is a great website I just found that allows you to sell your used books for cold hard cash. I just used their service to check out how much my books are worth. Mind you, they don't buy just any book. They're pretty selective about what they will and what they won't buy. I checked over a dozen books and in total they are interested in buying 5 books from me for a total of just slightly over $15.

In the grand scheme of things, $15 is not a lot of money but if you have more books than I do, this could be a really easy way to bring in some extra dough whenever you need it. I decided to send them an e-mail before I actually shipped the books in because I wanted to find out if they would pay me even though I live in Canada. A lot of these services only work if you're from the US.

One drawback of the service that I didn't really like is that they do not offer to pay for the shipment of books like a lot of the other similar services do... There are other services I had learned about that do pay for the shipment of books like www.cash4books.net. However, that service again is only available for Americans.

One thing I did like about Abundatrade.com is that they tend to pay more money for your books than cash4books.net does. So that's definitely a big plus.

Why am I going through all the trouble to send in these books for a measly $15 you might ask. Well, here's my reasoning and maybe you feel the same way. First of all, as a student, I don't really have a substantial income coming in right now so every little bit helps.

Secondly, these books are just lying around anyways and collecting dust so I might as well sell them. 

Thirdly, the whole concept of selling your used books revolves around the concept of recycling your things instead of throwing them out into the garbage. Others can benefit from your used books and enjoy them like you did when you first read them. It's all about letting things circulate better.

These are the types of books they accepted:

1. Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online by Rosalind Gardner

2. The Six-Figure Second Income by Lindahl and Rozek

3. One Simple Idea by Stephen Key

4. The Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing

5. Your First Year in Network Marketing

I checked other books that aren't related to making money and this service wasn't really interested in buying them and/or they were offering very little pay for them.

They're going to buy 5 books from me for a total of $15 so that's an average of $3 a book which is way better than the $0 I am making from them now.

If you have been reading this article all the way through, I have a bonus tip/trick for you that I was reading about on a site called The Penny Hoarder which is a really cool website with loads of wacky ways to make money.

Here's the tip: if you have a mobile phone, you could get the abundatrade.com app or any other similar service's app and go to used book stores or to garage sales or anywhere where books are sold for dirt cheap and use the app to scan the ISBNs of these books. What happens next is magical. You get a real-time quote on how much the site is willing to pay you for the book and on the spot you can check out whether or not they will earn you a profit. 

This technique won't make you rich but it is a fun way to make some extra money if you ask me. You might even find a couple of gems out there in the field that are underpriced and that could make you a nice little profit. 

I really do believe this could be a fun little side-business although I haven't tried it myself yet. I do know that at my local library every year they have a special sale for charity that sells a ton of books for $1 a piece. At that price, you're bound to find a few gems that could make a nice healthy chunk a change for you. Of course, these kind of special sales do not happen every day but next time there is something similar to that in your town/city, you should check it out equipped with your mobile phone and abundatrade.com app and see if you can make any extra money!

That's it for now.

Thanks for reading.

As always, your comments are still welcomed and encouraged! 

Edit: I'll update this article when I hear back from abundatrade.com regarding whether or not Canadians are allowed to use the service. Also, I think they may be paying for shipping costs after all. I'll have to ask them and come back to edit this article when I hear back from them about that too. Stay tuned.

Edit 20/11/2011: Abundatrade.com does in fact do business with Canadian residents. I just got an e-mail from them confirming the fact that they do buy books from Canadians. However, you have to cover the shipping costs of the books. Abundatrade.com does not pay for the shipping costs of the books.