DVS Contra Shoes
Many skateboarders see the DVS Contra shoes as some of the most appealing and stylish looking skateboarding sneakers from this company, or any other for that matter. Almost everything about the DVS Contra shoes is great, whether it's their attractive styles or their sneaker enhancing special features surrounding comfort, durability, and performance.

If you're a fan of these skateboarding sneakers, or perhaps don't know much about them yet, then you're in luck. As the title of this article implies, this is all about the DVS Contra shoes. We will be going over all the different colors and styles you can find, as well as the special features and what sets them apart from other models like the Militia, Revival, Volari, and Parliament.

Colors and Styles of DVS Contra Shoes

The main thing that makes the DVS Contra shoes so great is their colorful styles that seem to attract multiple kinds of personalities, both young and old. Having different color combinations and styles is important for skateboarding sneakers. They are so popular that if they all came in only one color, you're bound to come across one or two other people wearing the same ones as you. Of course, it also helps a lot that companies can maximize their sales and profits by focusing in on individual groups of consumers.

Over the years you have probably come across a fair share of styles and colors of the DVS Contra shoes, but chances are you have probably missed out on a few. Usually a store will only sell a certain amount of colors, styles, and models. If you look around on other websites and at different stores and skate shops, you will start noticing styles and colors of DVS Contra shoes that you didn't even know existed. Check out the list of all of them and find out for yourself:


  • Originals
  • SP2
  • HO/HO2/HO3
  • FA
  • Dip
  • Snow Boot


  • White/Black/Leather Print (FA)
  • White/Black (HO)
  • Black/White/Skull
  • White/Grey/Black (HO2)
  • Black/Camo (Snow Boot)
  • Black/White/Black
  • Grey/White Nubuck
  • White/Gum
  • Navy/White

The DVS Contra Shoes Special Features

It's a must that skateboarding sneakers come with special features that enhance comfort, durability, and/or technicality. Comfort is the main thing most skateboarders look for in a pair of sneakers, and the DVS Contra shoes have you covered in that area. Skateboarding revolves pretty much completely around your feet, and it's never good to have uncomfortable sneakers even if you don't skateboard.

The DVS Contra shoes come with some amazing comfort features beg you to wear them all day every day. The padded collar keeps that area of your foot from getting "burned" from friction in those hot summer months, and also just add a little extra coziness to them. They also have a cushioned insole and soft fabric lining to go with.

For heat reduction effects, the open cell breathable mesh on the tongues and the perforated foam accents make all the difference and keep your feet nice and cool. They also have given the DVS Contra shoes a little extra style with their hidden stash pocket on the tongue, where you can keep all kinds of small items like money, change, keys, or anything else you can fit in there.

As for the durability aspect, the DVS Contra shoes boast a pretty hefty list of features as well. The reinforced ollie area keeps them from wearing down just from doing the most basic and common trick there is. The hidden lace loop options and triple-stitched toe panels will help keep your stylish sneakers from getting shredded while doing your favorite flip tricks.

The DVS Contra shoes also have a few technicality and performance feature to go along with the comfort and durability ones, making them some of the most versatile and fully loaded skateboarding sneakers from this company. They have a stabilized heel panel and a lightweight EVA midsole to give you better control over your feet and the angles you need to flick them in. You can also benefit from the grippy rubber traction outsole, especially when you're doing gaps or doing sessions on the half-pipe or mini, even when you're grip tape has seen better days.

Before reading this article you may not have realized just how awesome the DVS Contra shoes actually are. Many companies have their own famous models, and much like the Osiris D3 2001, these skateboarding sneakers are able to implement a wide range of special features that cover all 3 aspects that are important to every skateboarder: comfort; durability; and technicality. If you're a fan of the DVS Contra shoes, then the good news for you is that you should be able to keep buying them for many years to come, thanks to their overall popularity. I think it's pretty safe to say that the DVS Contra shoes are good enough to stay a top seller for a long, long time.