DVS Militia Shoes

Whether you're a fan of skateboarding or snowboarding, the DVS Militia shoes never fail to deliver. Being one of this company's more popular models, the DVS Militia shoes have shown over the years why they continue to sell in high numbers. Whether it's how they look, how they feel, or how they perform, they are clearly a great choice for all types of people.

Every new generation of skateboarders and snowboarders will be looking for the best pair of sneakers or boots to meet their needs, and the DVS Militia shoes are always one of models that seems to get a lot of attention. In this article we will be taking a look at all of the different colors, styles, and features that come with these high selling and sought after models.

Colors and Styles of DVS Militia Shoes

One of the big trends in skateboarding sneakers is the fact that almost all of them come in so many different styles and colors, and the DVS Militia shoes are no exception. Skateboarding is so widespread and popular nowadays that this is almost necessary if companies want to keep their sales up. Additionally, nobody likes it when they find a great pair of skateboarding sneakers, only to find out one of their friends or someone at school has the same exact pair.

With so many different personalities and tastes out their in the world, the DVS Militia shoes have a color or style to meet pretty much all needs. Each color combination has their own unique subtle differences that appeal to a particular taste in fashion, giving them a diverse range of individuality. Take a look at all of the styles and colors that the DVS Militia shoes come with, for both skateboarding and snowboarding:


  • SP/SP2/SP3
  • Snow Boot
  • FA
  • HO2
  • Dip


  • Grey/White Nubuck
  • Black Nubuck
  • Black/Grey
  • White Leather
  • White/Black/Grey
  • Black/Print (SP2)
  • White/Black Pinstripe
  • Black/Purple Nubuck
  • Brown/Black/Purple
  • White/Bandana
  • Black/Bandana
  • Tan/Camo Suede (Dip)
  • White/Leather Plaid
  • Black/White Pinstripe (Snow Boot)
  • Brown Leather (Snow Boot)
  • Black/White/Turquoise (Snow Boot)
  • Black/Grey (Snow Boot)

Special Features of The DVS Militia Shoes

Along with a prerequisite for a wide range of colors and styles, another trend in skateboarding sneakers that companies are pretty much forced to follow in order to see any success, is the implementation of several special features that encompass individual desires and needs. The DVS Militia shoes have a rather nice looking list of features surround key areas like comfort and durability that skateboarders and snowboarders truly appreciate.

The great thing about having such appealing comfort and durability features is the fact that anyone can benefit from them. You don't have to be a skateboarder or snowboarder to enjoy an extra comfortable pair of sneakers. This is one reason why the DVS Militia shoes, and other models like the Revival, Parliament, Contra, and Volari. Many people buy these sneakers just because of how comfortable they are. That's the beauty of skateboarding sneakers like the DVS Militia shoes, having comfortable shoes is essential to make the sport as enjoyable as possible; and who doesn't love a pair of stylish sneakers that feel great to walk in?

The DVS Militia shoes do wonders for those who love their flip tricks. It's so frustrating when you're sneakers and laces get torn up within weeks of buying them just because you have some good grip tape and like doing flip tricks. With great features like hidden lace loops, ollie area lace protection, TPR eyelets, the DVS Militia shoes last considerably longer than most other skateboarding sneakers. The lightweight EVA midsole keeps them, well, lighter, and gives you better control of your own feet to easily tweak them at different angles as you see fit for the trick you are performing.

The DVS Militia shoes incorporate another important thing that skateboarders look for in their sneakers - heat reduction. It's very hard to keep your feet from getting sweaty when you're skateboarding considering the entire sport is based around what you do with your feet, constantly. Add in the fact that most of us skateboard in the hot summer months, and sweaty feet syndrome tends to run rampant. The DVS Militia shoes have been designed to reduce heat reduction by making them perforated. This allows a little extra breathing room and reduces the amount of friction where your feet are touching the sides of the sneakers. They also feature open-cell breathable mesh for even more breathability and sort of an air conditioning effect.

So let's sum it all up, here is a general list of all the features that come with the DVS Militia shoes:
  • Lightweight EVA midsole.
  • Open-cell breathable mesh.
  • Hidden lace loops.
  • Ollie area lace protection.
  • Perforated for heat reduction.
  • TPR eyelets.
  • Sure-fit tongue straps.
If you are a fan of the DVS Militia shoes, then the good news is that the popularity and sales of them will probably keep them on the shelves year after year for quite a while. If you're just now learning about the DVS Militia shoes, then you can surely see after reading about all of the special features and the amount of different colors and styles they come in, that these are a great choice if you are looking for a pair of skateboarding sneakers or snow boots.