All natural cosmetics, makeups, eye shadows, mascaras, foundations, and other beauty products are great for your body and the environment.

All natural cosmetics are increasingly popular in the worldwide market because not only do they give you the satisfaction of other kinds of makeup and beauty products, but they also reduce the risk of harmful effects on the skin and body that are brought about by synthetic beauty products. All natural cosmetics are guaranteed to have you looking your best without giving you any reason to regret about the product you purchased.

As we all live in a very fast-paced, stressful environment and this lifestyle somehow forces us to neglect our looks, mainly because of lack of time or energy itself. That way, we deteriorate in terms of beauty as our body reacts to stress. All natural cosmetics will help make you look and feel better, even turning a few heads every now and then, they will also save you the time and effort in usage.

How we look is an aspect that everyone takes very seriously, as it determines how we appear to the outside world as we go out while we are heading for school or work. While some of us want to look as great as possible every single time, some others find it tough to use makeup because of some of its side effects on the skin. With all natural cosmetics, this dilemma can be solved.

Tips on selecting all natural cosmetics

When selecting and purchasing all natural cosmetics on any market or store, you have to be careful. As much as all natural cosmetics can be very beneficial to you, they, when counterfeit can also bring you more harm than intended. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

First, look for the USDA seal for Certified Organic when browsing shelves for all natural cosmetics that fit the bill. When a product has this seal, it indicates that it is made of 95% or more of organic material. Any product that’s made of lower than 95% organic material will not be certified by the USDA.

If there is no seal on the packing of the makeup, then go through its ingredients. You’ll notice that the content of the makeup is in amount, usually in percentage. Do you see the organic ingredients listed? How much is there?

If the makeup claims that it is natural but doesn’t even mention it in the main level, it may imply that this makeup contains less than 70% natural materials. In this case, you are discouraged to buy that product because as mentioned, there’s a fair chance that it will do you more harm than good.

Lastly, be in the know about what substances you should avoid in makeup. For instance, parabens, which is one preservative that is very common in cosmetics, can cause heavy skin irritation. Another substance that can be very harmful to skin is sodium laureth sulfate which is commonplace in makeup and soap.

Some other synthetic substances that should at all costs be avoided when shopping for natural cosmetics are as follows: imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidiny urea, which are preservatives that can irritate the skin; methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl paraben, which areknown to extend the shelf life of cosmetics and other beauty products; products made of petroleum, such as petroleum jelly, which are usually found in lip care products, and interfere and obstruct the body’s moisturizing mechanism leading to drying of lips; propylene glycol, a moisture-carrying agent in makeup that irritates skin; PVP/VA Copolymers, which are waterproof ingredients you will find in sunscreen, mascara and lipstick; synthetic colors and fragrances; and triethanolamine, which adjusts pH in beauty products and causes dry skin.

Making your own all natural cosmetics

If you thought that natural makeup is restricted only to professional makeup manufacturers, then you’re wrong. You can make your own natural makeup. All you’ll need are waxes, cream bases, minerals that are earth-based, fragrance oils and essential oils. You could also go for organic products like avocado, lemon, vanilla extract, olive oil or crushed herbs. All these can be found at organic food stores and even makeup suppliers.

You can also make a moisturizing body cream with natural ingredients. This time, you’ll need unrefined cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, virgin olive oil, beeswax, vanilla fragrance oil, vitamin E and cornstarch. Except for the vanilla fragrance oil, vitamin E and cornstarch, heat all ingredients together. Stir frequently while allowing the mixture to cool, and then freeze for about three minutes. After that, use an electric beater to whip the mixture until it is light and fluffy. Then throw in the cornstarch, vitamin E and vanilla oil then beat the mixture for a few more minutes. When all this is done, store the mixture in a glass jar. Safely keep the mixture for at least 3 days to get the perfect benefits of the ingredients.

All natural cosmetics are cheap

If you are too stressed to make your own, all natural cosmetics could also be purchased in the market. Since all natural cosmetics are generally beauty and skin care products that are made from organic plant material, these products have a higher price compared to the cosmetics sold commercially. This is because the manufacturing process is more tedious since most natural cosmetics are made by small industries with fewer laborers. Most of the processes are done manually rather than done by large equipments in factories.

All natural cosmetics will not only make you look dashing, it will not give you side effects too. So you should seriously consider using all natural cosmetics.