Choosing An Ergonomic Mouse

Finger Mouse

The finger mouse is an ergonomic mouse that fits on your trigger finger like a ring, allowing you freedom to rest your hand whereever is comfortable and completely eliminating the need for you to extend your arm to control the cursor. The ball mounted ontop of the ring is used to move the mouse, and a trigger positioned under the finger is used to click.

My only gripe with this mouse is the cheap build quality. The ball also has a slight tendency to collect duct and so require cleaning now and then else the mouse becomes unusable, but you can’t expect that much from a cheap mouse like this!

Perhaps the updated version (finger mouse two) is made of stronger stuff.

Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse works on the principle that the position you adopt while using is more natural and less straining to the body over the long term.

I found that this mouse worked best when combined with a mousepad that incorporates a wrist rest, like this one:

The Vertical Mouse is a great quality item and the price tag reflects this.

Swiftpoint Mouse

The Swiftpoint SM300 is an innovative little laptop mouse that really has to be tried to be appreciated. The design lets you not only hold the mouse and type at the same time, but also allows you to use the mouse on any flat surface you should choose, much like a pen.

This mouse represents a good solution for those who struggle with a trackpad or desire a little mouse thats perfect for travelling. it has received very positive reviews on amazon.

Other Options

I have found that the best mouse for me to prevent my wrist pain is simply the standard nipple used on IBM laptops. a laptop of course also has the advantage of being portable. This means you are not constrained to one posture and can move around if strained.