Nursery decorations don't come easier and cheaper!

So you have a baby boy or girl on the way, and now it's time to figure out how to turn that den, guest bedroom, or side room into a cute and fun nursery? Here's an easy and quick solution: animal wall stickers. You can turn your spare room into your new baby's happy place full of cute jungle scenes and cartoon-like animals  in a matter of minutes!  See for yourself with these five very cute animal wall sticker sets. 

In the Jungle_Large Repositionable Wall DecalsThe price is a big piece of this too. There are cheap wall decals out there that are still great quality, and they beat the stuffing out of spending good money and time on wallpaper and paints. You'll especially love it when you want to change your space  from nursery back to its original use (or into a toddler's room) - these stickers come off with no fuss, leaving no trace of them ever having been on your wall. 

It's a great solution for busy young families who have limited funds and zero time on their hands! If this is you (or you're related), definitely take a look below. You'll really be surprised at the cute nursery decorating you can do with a few of these animal wall decals. 

RoomMates Jungle Adventure Wall Decals

A roaring good look for baby boys or girls.

RoomMates RMK1136SCS Jungle Adventure Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Amazon Price: $13.99 $7.57 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 1, 2015)

Cartoony jungle themes are a really fun go-to look for baby nurseries. And this sticker set covers all bases when it comes to jungle animals. There are lions, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, and more. There are even palm tree and sun decals to add to the overall jungle look!

There are twenty-six stickers in all in this set, and all of them can be repositioned and even reused. They are a very flexible solution and one that definitely looks much more expensive than the price that you're going to pay!

In The Jungle Wall Decals

A unique animal walls stickers set - very playful and interactive!

In The Jungle Wildlife Animal Stickers Wall Decals Children Bedroom Decor
Amazon Price: $26.99 $18.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 1, 2015)

Another fun jungle theme, but this one with a unique twist! The animals all feel like they are interacting with the space: peering from around corners, popping up from behind dressers, and hanging from the ceilings. They're like little animal friends in your nursery who are here to play. 

Obviously these wall decals are a bit bigger and you'll need the right wall to pull it off. But if you've got the space, this is a super cute wall sticker set. You'll even probably here a few "aaws" from the adults who enter the room!

Under The Sea Tropical Fish Wall Stickers

Turn your nursery walls into a colorful aquarium.

Under the Sea Decorative Peel and Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals
Amazon Price: $20.00 $11.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 1, 2015)

If jungle animals aren't your thing, how about some colorful tropical fish for your baby's new room? You can turn one of the walls into a giant aquarium filled with beautiful fish swimming from corner to corner. 

The colors are very vibrant with these decals, so it's a great way to brighten up a darker temporary nursery space without pulling out the paints. Or paint one of the walls a light ocean blue to give your aqarium look even more of a realistic feel. You may need more than one of these sticker sets to pull off a bigger wall, but the final scene will definitely be worth it. 

Jungle Monkeys And Tree Wall Decals

Cute as can be monkeys with a few animal friends.

This is a really cute set of monkey wall stickers, and they've brought some jungle friends along. They are also all pretty darn big! The tree itself is over four feet tall and the animals all range between a foot and two feet big. This is a giant decal set, so know that going in. You'll need some dedicated wall space, but if you've got it, this is a decal set that can totally transform the vibe of  a room. 

It especially looks great when you place it on the same wall as the crib. The tree frames the furniture and the playful monkeys appear like they're reaching down to interact with the baby!

RoomMates Scroll Tree Wall Decal

A beautiful giant tree is the centerpiece, and the animals are totally cute.

RoomMates RMK1439SLM Scroll Tree Peel & Stick Wall Decal MegaPack
Amazon Price: $40.99 $17.55 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 1, 2015)

If the previous stickers were giant, this top choice is SUPER giant! The scrolling tree itself measures at almost seven feet wide by nearly six feet tall. That's big. Make sure you've got the wall space.

It's a set that again transforms any space where it's placed. The giant scroll tree has long limbs that frame any furniture around it (another great one for the crib!) But why it makes this list is the crazy cute animals that it comes with. They all sport cartoony, big-eyed looks that turn the "aww" factor up to eleven. Again, if you've got the space, this set takes temporary nursery decorating to a whole new level. 

Turn Your Nursery Into A Zoo!

You can do all sorts of fun things with animal wall stickers in your nursery room. It's sort of like creating your own personal zoo for your baby. And adults can totally enjoy the cute decals too. In fact, many will think that you spent a lot more money than you did to create these fun designs on your walls. Knowing that they can be applied in minutes and removed at any time is just the icing on the cake!