Halloween is all about fun surprises and spooky scares. It's one of the few holidays every year where are the all the stops are pulled to create a total scene in your home and yard. In fact, it can be mighty fun turning your space into your own version of a haunted house! And to do that you're going to need some animated Halloween props. 

There are all sorts of Halloween decorations out there, but to get the haunted house feel, you need some that move. You need haunted house decorations that surprise people because they seem to have a mind of their own. This may sound pricey, and there are some high quality animated Halloween props that are. You are paying top dollar for the top look in the neighborhood after all. But there are also varieties that are surprisingly cheap! Animated Flying Reaper

Below I've outlined five of my favorite across a wide price range. These are great for your home, office, or classroom--any place where a little haunted house decor that moves can be a treat. And, they're perfect for a Halloween theme party. Let's take a look!

The Animated Flyer Reaper

Animated Flying Reaper (Standard)
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(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

The reaper is a creature of death. If that doesn't fit with Halloween, nothing does! And this animated reaper comes from the depths to raise a scare out of those coming by your home. It's eyes glow, those wings move, and there are all sorts of creepy sounds that come from it when activated. I like it quite a bit because it's relatively high quality for the price. It's really one of the better budget animated Halloween props out there. 

In terms of size, it's about three feet in height, and those wings when spread do add to the dimensions. Take that into consideration when looking at where to place it. There's a string hanging from the head, so it's perfect for hanging on your porch or in a corner for a Halloween party. It's easy to run, too, taking only three AA batteries for power. 

The Zombie Half Corpse

Twitch Animated (Case of 1)
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(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

Zombie Half Corpse Animated PropCredit: Amazon.comZombies are very popular these days. Between The Walking Dead television series (and the comics), and the large amount of zombie movies hitting the theatres, it's hard not to imagine what those zombie animated props would like in your yard or home. The cool thing is you can do it!

This animated prop zombie thrashes around--including the spinal cord which adds to the creepiness. There's a CD that comes with it that has zombie sounds to top it all off. It's a great treat for a haunted house or the yard of the zombie mega-fans out there. Another fun idea is to stick it in the corner of your home's bathroom and wait for your party guests to discover the surprise! It'll definitely set the tone.

You'll need to plug him in to a normal wall socket for power. Overall, this isn't a cheap solution, but it's certainly a memorable one. If you're big into the holiday, it's a great investment piece. 

Animated Dropping Spider Prop
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(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

Dropping Orange Furry Spider Animated PropCredit: Amazon.comThis is my greatest fear come to animated life. I hate spiders. Can't stand them. So the idea of this animated prop both thrills me and spooks me out all at the same time. There are lots of people like me out there, so this is a bound to be a major scary hit wherever it's placed. 

Maybe the coolest part is how it works. It's sound activated, so when the spider "hears" someone nearby it drops down a sixteen inch cord, then retracts back up. It's eyes also light up adding to the effect. It's the perfect scare prop that'll work all throughout the day, and great for the little ones too. It can be a lot of fun in a classroom on Halloween day. 

The one above is a big animated spider, coming in at 40 inches across. It runs on two AA batteries. 

The Creepy Rocking Granny

Rocking Granny Animated
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(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

Creepy Rocking Granny Animated Halloween PropCredit: Amazon.comAnother animated Halloween prop that seemingly comes from people's worst nightmares. This crazy looking granny could be a character out of a witch horror flick or a creepy murderous red-neck slasher, just to name two. She rocks back and forth and mutters to herself. Sometimes, there's an evil laugh. Creepy, I know. 

You do need to provide the rocking chair, and like the zombie above, you'll need a CD player to play the sounds that accompany this animated prop. It'd look great on a front porch or at the entrance to a community haunted house. 

You'll need to provide wall socket power, and like the zombie, creepy granny isn't cheap, but it does make an incredible impression on your guests. 

The Dark Magic Book

Dark Magic Book Anim PropCredit: Amazon.comAnother Halloween party favorite, inexpensive and yet very effective! The dark magic book can sit on a table of your choice, and when someone passes by, it magically opens! It has a motion and sound sensor built right in. The book cover slowly opens and the voice of a witch starts reading out one of many pre-recorded creepy lines. It's spooky fun that's not so spooky as to scare the littlest ones out there. All it takes is three AA batteries to run. 

Get A Move On Those Halloween Decorations

Animated Halloween props like these five favorites of mine above can make a real spooky scene at your home. If you've ever dreamed of your space having a haunted house touch, these are the types of moving props that'll get you there. They're fun for the kids and even creepy for adults. So add them to your Halloween decor, and soon you'll have everyone in the trick-or-treat mood.