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Articles about cream

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by maria52gr
5 years ago
50 Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream. In times of depression, recession and sorrow it is the ultimate comfort food. Although the exact origins of the delightful frozen treat are unknown, for centuries people have enjoyed iced desserts in many parts of the world. In this article you can find interesting facts about ice cream history, inventions, statistics and much more.

by maria52gr
5 years ago
Olive Oil Beauty Benefits: 5 Great Ways to Use Olive Oil in Your Beauty Regimen

Olive oil is a remarkable gift of nature. It is one of the best natural products for health and beauty. Olive oil is excellent for your skin, hair and nails. You can use it for a dry hair treatment, as an exfoliator, as a stretch mark remedy, as an anti-wrinkle product and for many more amazing beauty uses.

by maria52gr
5 years ago
Sea-Buckthorn Benefits: An Amazing Berry for Health and Nutrition

Sea-buckthorn benefits have been known for a very long time. This amazing orange berry has been used traditionally as a medicine to prevent or treat various ailments, such as inflammation, gastic ulchers and dermatological disorders. Today, we have finally rediscovered sea-buckthorn and its health benefits. There are several sea-buckthorn products available including seed and berry oil, juice, capsules and a variety of cosmetic products.

Pets & Animals
by maria52gr
5 years ago
Rasta Dogs: 5 Dog Breeds That Sport Dreadlocks!

Did you know that a few dog breeds have a unique looking coat in the form of long cords, very similar to dreadlocks? In most cases, this unusual type of coating develops naturally, but it requires a little assistance to be formed properly and, of course, a lot of care. This list includes the Komondor, the Bergamasco Shepherd, the Puli, the Spanish Water Dog and the Standard Poodle.

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