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Articles about plot

What do you want to see?
by mrstone123
9 years ago
Top 5 Western Novels

Top 5 Western Novels Upon the recent release of True Grit an adaption by the Coen brothers of the Charles Portis novel of the same name I thought that I would make this list of Western stories that I have enjoyed reading...

by mrstone123
10 years ago
Top 5 Future Book 2 Movie Adaptions You Will Want To Read First

It's always been said that the book is always better then the film based upon it, for this reason im going to list a few awesome books that in the next few years are going to be adapted into films:

5: Blood Meridian

This one is quite contreversial as it...

by mrstone123
10 years ago
Top 5 Awesome Foreign Films You Have Never Heard Of

These films are really awesome due to their great story lines and wonderful cinematography.

I would advise watching these films with subtitles on instead of dubbed, although dubbing can be hilarious it does not keep the authentic feel of the films so only watch them dubbed when drunk or really...

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