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Articles about ptolemy

by nextyear
8 years ago
How Galileo Proved The Heliocentric Model

The course of events that was to lead to Galileo's confrontation with the awesome powers of the Inquisition began in 1609 on a visit to Venice. Friends told him about the invention of a Dutchman, Hans Lippershey, which could make distant objects seem close - a telescope. At once, Galileo set about grinding glass into lenses. After many tries he made a telescope that magnified 30 times. In January 1610, Galileo pointed his telescope at the night sky and began to look at the heavens.

by Georgi Markov
6 years ago
Antioch On The Orontes - The Birth Of An Ancient Metropolis

The early history of one of the most splendid ancient cities - Antioch on the Orontes.

by footloose
9 years ago
Two Star Stories: Constellation Stories

Have you ever attempted to crack open the celestial vault so the star stories finally make sense? I have found that the more I read about the different constellations, and become a watcher of the skies from different time perspectives, the more those constellation stories...

by Knight of Coins
5 years ago
History of Money: The Grain-Banking System of Ancient Egypt

This article examines the Ancient Egyptian grain-banking system, and its centralization at Alexandria in Ptolemaic Egypt. Grains have often been used as early forms of commodity money, but the Egyptians were notable for developing a system of grain money into a complex and sophisticated banking system. The centralized grain-banking system, at its apex, was said to have been so extensive that the size of its operations were comparable to those of the large banks of the modern era.

by UninvitedWriter
7 years ago
A Short History of Ancient Greek Science

The earliest stirrings of Greek science are found in the eighth century B.C. in the Homeric poems with descriptions of the stars and an unusual concept of the universe as a sphere. Other civilizations had been content with hemispherical skies; the Greek love of symmetrical shapes led them to the concept of a spherical universe.

by Craig B. Manning
4 years ago
Worship and Education at the Time of Jesus the Messiah

A summary of the synagogue and education at the time of Jesus the Messiah

by R Morgan
8 years ago

Russia's Perpetual struggle with its identity has been summed up in modern times as a battle between Asiatics and Eurasianist's. Russia takes its identity from both schools of thought, from its past as a Mongol tribute and as a Modern European Power.

by Marlando
8 years ago
Civilization: A Short Unexpected Journey through a Past of Religions

Civilization: A Short Unexpected Journey through a Religious Past is an article I believe will captivate the thinker--not because I have written it so well but because of the subject matter itself--Certainly if you are a member of one of the 3-big world religions, you will discover this article to be thought-prevoking if nothing else. It is after all your history and your future.

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