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Articles about yurt

Travel & Places
by goodselfme
10 years ago
Yurt family vacation

After living in different parts of the United States it was not until I traveled to Oregon that I found out what a yurt was. Just in case you don't know, I will explain so when your family destination gives you a yurt for lodging, you will know what...

Travel & Places
by Wildlily
7 years ago
Explore North Georgia's Cloudland Canyon State Park

Take a walk in the clouds at North Georgia's 3,485-acre Cloudland Canyon State Park. The park is nestled at the western edge of Lookout Mountain in the northwest corner of the state. Located at Rising Fawn, Cloudland is commonly considered to be one of the most beautiful state parks in the State of Georgia.

Travel & Places
by GlassWorks
9 years ago
Travelling in Mongolia - Etiquette Rules and Tips for a Rewarding Holiday

There are many things to enjoy about travelling in Mongolia, this article focuses on behavioural rules and guides for etiquette when travelling and most importantly visiting Mongolian people in their traditional Yurts or Ger homes.

Travel & Places
by Sami Duke
6 years ago
Things to Do in Chama, New Mexico

Regardless of how you like to spend your vacations, there's something for just about everyone in Chama, New Mexico.

by egdcltd
7 years ago
by JudyE
8 years ago
Reasons To Hire A Tent For Your Wedding

Wedding reception tents are a boon for those planning an outdoor wedding. While an outdoor wedding may seem very romantic, a really hot day, heavy rain or gale-force winds can soon ruin what should be a perfect day. Some protection from extremes of weather means that plans can proceed...

Travel & Places
by Yindee
5 years ago
Kyrgyzstan is linked to the Silk Road

Central Asia is full of surprises and has a new Silk Road - a dual carriageway. We had to see it! What a pristine, beautiful place, especially in the spring. 

Travel & Places
by Yindee
4 years ago
Uzbekistan 2: Khiva Walled City of Clay on the Silk Road

Another adventure during our tour of Uzbekistan takes us to Khiva, a unique walled city made out of clay. The tales of the Arabian Nights, Sinbad the sailor come to life when you meet the people who live here.

by JL_Tuso
7 years ago
Best Camping Spots in Northern California for Families

These best camping spots in Northern California offer families lots of traditional camping activities and many opportunities to explore the natural geology, wildlife, and scenery of California.

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