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by kateperez
9 years ago
Consider Legalizing Marijuana

"Hey, Dude! Wanna get high?" How many times has a person heard this question asked around the United States by those who participate in high risk behavior like drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, or using other drugs, either abusing prescription medications or illegal narcotics? Decades...

Pets & Animals
by Tony Booth
4 years ago
Changing Diet During Canine Kidney Disease

When dogs are diagnosed with kidney disease, the first piece of advice given by a vet is usually to change the diet. While this is often good advice it shouldn't become a rigid regime, because as the kidney failure progresses - the diet needs to change along with it. This article explains why some things given early in the disease may not be suitable later on.

by egdcltd
8 years ago
The Exorcist: Legacy of Ronald Edwin Hunkeler

William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel, "The Exorcist", is based on an event couched in pseudonyms and misdirection, all with the intent of preserving the anonymity of its teen boy subject. Intuitive and dogged investigative work, however, led to one inescapable conclusion-the "demon possession" was a fake, and the person who once was hidden behind pseudonyms has been identified.

Business & Money
by MBodnarczuk
7 years ago
Why Transforming the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex Is So Difficult (Part I)

The National Research Council's (NRC) February 2012 report on Managing for High-Quality Science and Engineering at the NNSA National Security Laboratories is the latest in a series of studies that lament the state of science and engineering (S&E) and the management of S&E in the Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Weapons Complex. To date, the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) vision for transforming the Nuclear Weapons Complex has focused on site closures, consolidating foot prints, and more recently the consolidation of Management and Operating (M&O) contracts at facilities like the Y-12 National Security Complex, Pantex, and the Savannah River Tritium Operations. This is the first in a series of articles that argues that NNSA's vision of transformation should be broadened to include organizational transformation.

by egdcltd
6 years ago
Charlotte Corday's Web of Intrigue

Perhaps history's only sympathetic assassin, Charlotte Corday was a beautiful young French woman fired by a desire to end the madness of The French Revolution's Reign of Terror. She managed to gain access to Jean-Paul Marat, a leprous tyrant responsible for the deaths of thousands by the guillotine. She stabbed him to death in his bath, an image fancifully immortalized in a painting by French artist, Jacques Louis David.

by Brockett
8 years ago
Super Size Me: A Look at the Techniques Used in the Film to Provoke a Dialogue About Fast Food and Ultimately Obesity

Super Size Me Morgan Spurlocks' film Super Size Me is a piece of rhetoric that intends to provoke a dialogue about fast food. This paper will examine the techniques and topics used in the film to provoke a discussion about fast food ultimately leading to a discussion on the topic of obesity

by egdcltd
8 years ago
St. Bernadette: Beatific Light

46 years after her death, the Catholic Church beatified Bernadette, the first step toward canonization as a saint. During the years of investigation, her life and her death were examined in detail. Her body was exhumed more than once, and initially found free of advanced decomposition, a condition known as "incorruptibility".

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