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Articles about head

by LouisLovesLouis
9 years ago
The Original Tingler Head Massager

Don't ask me why the ORIGINAL TINGLER HEAD MASSAGER gives you an incredible dreamy and relaxing feeling. I have no idea why. Why would something so strange looking and cheap give you such a powerful sensation? You might have seen the tingler head massager on sale as a...

by godfather25
9 years ago
Oral B Brush Heads Floss Action

According to dentists, your brush heads should be replaced every three months. After awhile, the bristles become worn down and aren't as effective at providing you with a thorough and clean hygiene. Oral B replacement brush heads are easy to find online. Regardless of whichever Oral B toothbrush that...

Pets & Animals
by NolaLondon
8 years ago
Baby Lion Head Bunnies, As Pets

Lion head bunnies are the newer breed in rabbits. They are very sociable and surprisingly friendly pets. Lion head Rabbits are attractive rabbits with beautiful manes. They come in many colors. Lion head rabbits are sweet and docile pets. They love attention and they make great pets, but there is...

by Sookie
8 years ago
Pillow Insert For Night Head Sweats

Have you ever woke in the night looking for a cool spot on the pillow? Night head sweats can be uncomfortable for anyone, whether you suffer from night sweats or menopause hot flashes, or you simply sleep hot! If you wake in the night with a sweaty head,...

by Jeckyll
10 years ago
Best Way To Kill Head Lice

Pediculosis is the technical term for an infestation of lice. A head louse, singular for lice, is a parasitic insect in the order of phthiraptera. Lice are considered ecotoparasites because they feed on the blood of other animals. Lice, and other creatures similar to them, attach themselves to warm blooded animals such as...

by amatech
8 years ago
How to Sing High Notes

Learn how to sing high notes with accuracy and clarity just like the professionals.

by pwarlick
9 years ago
Showers - Shower Spa for Your Master Bath

Are you looking for a way to reinvent the showers in your home? A new shower spa for your master bath is a great way to have the ultimate shower experience. Most people really love to take their nice long hot showers, and so do you. So, why...

by thelichto
9 years ago
How to BIC Your Head

The feel of a shaved head is smooth and looks good for those with many types of skulls. Some people have skulls that look better with different hairstyles. However, you never know what your skull looks like until you've shaved it clean.

A pair of electric clippers, shaving cream...

by lacewigsstore
10 years ago
How to remove a full lace wig that was applied with adhesives

One of the misconceptions about wearing a full lace wig is that is contributes to hair loss on the hairline. In fact, full lace wigs are used by many individuals to grow their hairline; however there is an important step that must be followed through with paitence. Which is how...

Pets & Animals
by mudpuppy
5 years ago
Are Gentle Leaders Really Gentle?

Some people claim that head halters, often called gentle leaders or haltis, are a kind, humane method of controlling a dog. But the dogs don't seem to agree- have you seen the way most dogs react when first put into one of these devices? And then there is the troubling aspect that these devices seem destined to cause severe neck damage. Are they really a kind, gentle alternative?

by dkittel
7 years ago
Tips for Buying a Tennis Racket for Beginners and Casual Players

Tennis rackets have improved significantly over the years so it helps to understand what characteristics are most important when buying a new racket. Here are some tips to simplify the buying process geared toward beginners and recreational players.

by DoctorSeth
9 years ago
How to perform the Epley maneuver for benign positional vertigo

How to perform the Epley Maneuver to Cure Benign Positional Vertigo

I. What is the Epley Maneuver?

The Epley maneuver, also known as the...

Travel & Places
by Ken Muise
6 years ago
Things To Do On Oahu: Hike the Diamond Head State Monument Trail

Diamond Head State Monument on Oahu has history, a challenging hike and beautiful views.  This crater was formed more than a quarter or a million years ago and its majesty attracts hikers and tourists daily.  Hike Diamond Head on Oahu!

by Neal_Litherland
4 years ago
How to Knock Someone Out With One Punch

The one-punch knock out is something that we associate with unrealistic action heroes, but if you've watched your share of heavyweight bouts you know it does happen from time to time. If you've ever wondered how you can do it (for when you need to take your shot and make it count), here's an explanation of the physics behind the Sunday punch.

by anabel
10 years ago
How to Arrange Your Wedding Seating Plan

Your wedding reception seating plan doesn't have to be a nightmare to organise.

You are about to engage in one of life's great juggling acts. Below are some examples of seating plans that you may like to follow. Alternatively, use them as thought-starters to be adapted to suit your circumstances.

by dpeach
9 years ago
Camera Tripods - Buying and Using a Tripod

A good tripod is a necessary part of any photographer's equipment. However, just having a camera tripod will not make you a better photographer unless you learn how to use it. It is a shame that many photographers will spend thousands of dollars to get a good camera with...

by mcimicata
7 years ago
XXXL Motorcycle Helmets For People With Big Heads

XXXL motorcycle helmets can be hard to come across; however, safety and comfort are key factors when choosing your motorcycle riding protection. You can basically find any small, medium, or large helmets in any motorcycle store around the world; finding a triple XL model can be a little bit...

by divaonline
9 years ago
Which Woman Won The Most Oscars?

As we watch movies, most of us don’t think about the elements that had to come together to create the film, or all the people with specific expertise in their field behind the scenes who influenced the finished product’s particular style. While film costumes are created...

by egdcltd
9 years ago
United States Indian Head Cents

United States Indian Head Cents are a favorite among collectors for a number of reasons. The extensive run has 50 years of numismatic history behind it and many varieties and die errors, to keep even the die hard numismatist busy for years. Starting out as a...

by AdWise
10 years ago
Facial muscles, fitness facial wrinkles away

Facial Gymnastics

As the first fight wrinkles?

Habit of wrinkled his forehead, to laugh with all facial muscles, bad habit to droop during reading, not to wear sunglasses are the main causes of wrinkles first appearance. Is important to remember that any emotion, either positive or negative, has a...

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