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by MBodnarczuk
7 years ago
Why Transforming the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex Is So Difficult (Part I)

The National Research Council's (NRC) February 2012 report on Managing for High-Quality Science and Engineering at the NNSA National Security Laboratories is the latest in a series of studies that lament the state of science and engineering (S&E) and the management of S&E in the Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Weapons Complex. To date, the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) vision for transforming the Nuclear Weapons Complex has focused on site closures, consolidating foot prints, and more recently the consolidation of Management and Operating (M&O) contracts at facilities like the Y-12 National Security Complex, Pantex, and the Savannah River Tritium Operations. This is the first in a series of articles that argues that NNSA's vision of transformation should be broadened to include organizational transformation.

by Marlando
7 years ago
Exploring Aspects of YOUR Potential

It is my intent to take you, the reader, on a journey that explores a new view of whom and what we are…potentially.  Indeed, it can be said that beyond all else we are…our potential. When we want to know exactly what potential is, most certainly psychologists would have a different answer than biologists.  

by egdcltd
8 years ago
Wild Western Women: Calamity Jane

Martha Jane Cannary, better known as Calamity Jane, was perhaps the West's best known female colorful character. During the course of her life she worked as a prostitute, an Indian scout, and performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The legend she left behind includes many exaggerations and outright lies; sorting fact from fiction in the life of Calamity Jane is difficult.

by egdcltd
6 years ago
Crowdsourcing Presumed Serial Poisoner, Mary Ann Cotton, to Death

Mary Ann Cotton has passed into history as a vicious serial poisoner, mercilessly killing her loved ones for financial gain. However, a more careful inspection of her life and her case leads to the conclusion she was a victim of class prejudice and ignorance, and is not guilty of the 21 murders ascribed to her without a sound foundation.

by DubeluWriter
4 years ago
Quick And Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

We all know that with the push of a button, appliances and electronics help us get through our days a little more easily and efficiently. Spring is the perfect time to give back to our favorite household appliances by treating them to a thorough, deep cleaning. This article will provide easy tips to help clean and maintain some of your favorite household machines that will keep them fresh and clean every day. If you are the type of person who cleans up after each meal and maintains a cleanliness routine, then you are off to a great start!  

by SparkyStar
5 years ago
What Good Posture Can Do For You

Ways to improve your posture and banish pain for good.

by egdcltd
4 years ago
Movie Review: The Martian

Astronaut Mark Watney is believed to have been killed when the Mars mission he is on is forced to leave ahead of schedule. Only he's not dead, and he has to survive on a barren world with limited supplies whilst NASA tries to work out a way to bring him home.

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