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Articles about chew

by Yindee
4 years ago
Safe ways to power up your athletic performance

You can improve your health before you begin any race. Best of all, you can recover easily and win at every level. Even if you are not a cyclist or a runner these valuable keys are worth considering. 

by Yindee
7 years ago
How Do Sweet Potatoes Affect Progesterone?

Somehow my progesterone levels had been affected when I chewed a piece of raw sweet potato for a few weeks. I was very excited because I had not directly taken any hormone. My research began in 1998 with sweet potatoes. They affected menstrual cycles, conception, hot flushes and a whole lot more.

by crin
7 years ago
Model Ships Memories

Browsing through my photo digital collection I ran into these three pictures who reminded me of old hobbies

by Yindee
5 years ago
How to Slim Down During the Festive Season

Enjoy a big family feast and still lose weight. Use these tasty tips to enjoy yourself without stinting on the good stuff. Replace fattening food with fat burning food. Stay slim, get slimmer!

by Yindee
2 years ago
Fluoride free toothpaste - is it really necessary?

In the year 2000 I was interviewed on radio about fluoride a number of times. Some people were shocked at what really happens when you expose your gums, mouth ulcers and gingivitis to fluoride. Others were shocked to hear me oppose what dentists and doctors had to say about prescribing fluoride tablets for osteoporosis.

by Chatsworth
7 years ago
The Victorian Kitchen: 10 Things You Didn't Know

10 interesting facts about the Victorian kitchen covering the staff, the food, the hygiene, the equipment and why the servants began to disappear.

by egdcltd
8 years ago
Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

A neurotic German girl's psychic struggle led to one of the most inhumanely conducted exorcisms recorded. It also led to the miserably torturous year-long decline and death of the once pretty and energetic Anneliese Michel in 1976. Her story was brought to light in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".

by Yindee
6 years ago
Citrus pulp facts - cures cancer, cuts cholesterol. Here are the recipes!

There is a lot of truth to the theory that fruit can fight cancer. This is a resource centre that provides all the information, recipes and references you need to get practical about citrus fruit. Not only for cancer but just about all the chronic health problems we have today can benefit from a prescription of citrus pectin, limonene and other natural drugs. 

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