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Articles about accomplishment

by Maeratthew
10 years ago
Social Networking: Scourge of the Modern World

A generation ago, parents disturbed by the advent of television, dubbed it the "idiot box" and the "boob tube" claiming that the longer you watched it the dumber you got. Fast forward to the future and Facebook, MySpace and Twitter seem to not only have achieved the same end but also manage to...

by LexShadowglide
5 years ago
How To Write Goals That Match Your Ideal Desired Result

This article explains how to write your goals so that they vibrate at the same frequency as your ideal desired result. This process combines the law of attraction with goal setting so you can achieve your highest desires quickly. 

by x3xsolxdierx3x
8 years ago
Lalique Glass: Art Deco Art Glass

Lalique glass is glassware created by the famous Rene Lalique. This article is all about the shocking and progressive work of rene lalique and his art deco art glass work.

by thing85
10 years ago
Is Twitter Down?

You might find yourself asking this question often, because of the frequency for which Twitter seems to be down or unavailable.

You've been there before. You're bored, and you want to read some tweets. Or, you have something amazing that you want to...

Business & Money
by curiosity44
7 years ago
7 Tips You Can Use To Get A Pay Raise

Many people are frustrated because they feel underpaid and unappreciated at their current job. Some believe that their career has stalled and desparately want to jumpstart it. Employees maybe working longer hours and feel that their salary does not reflect this. Some workers become depressed about this situation and...

by Nikon
9 years ago
The Happiest Countries in the World: Happy Jamaica and More

The World Database of Happiness and the New Economics Foundation has each put together qualifications that they use.

by Athena
9 years ago
Snowboarding Popularity on the Rise

Everyone has certainly noticed the way that snow boarding has been rising and rising in terms of popularity in late years. In the last ten years snow boarding has went from skateboarding on snow, to the Olympics quicker than you one can ever imagine. First...

by Sam1066
10 years ago
Robert Byrd

West Virginia will be saying goodbye to a most beloved figure this week. Robert C Byrd has been a senator for for over nine terms, wich is way over 20 thousand days. During his record breaking career and being the longest US Senator to serve in history,...

by flippomendes
8 years ago
The Best Way to Bowl Strikes for Beginners

While people would rather bowl strikes because of the amazing sense of accomplishment, picking up spares take tremendous skill and also makes beginners feel great. Whether you are a beginner or whether you have bowled before, the first time most of us ever remember seeing someone bowl strikes consistently, we wanted to learn how to do that.

by curiosity44
7 years ago
Robin Yount Profile

Robin Yount was born on September 21, 1955 in Danville, Illinois. During his childhood, he starred at�William Taft High School. After graduating, he was drafted as a shortstop by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1973. In April of 1974, Yount made his major leauge debut against the Boston Red Sox....

by fishyfuzz
8 years ago
Is Baby Sign Language Beneficial For My Baby?

Baby sign language is actually a famous strategy to help you to talk with your toddler. Baby sign language helps little ones who're ready to communicate, yet are unable to actually fill the gap to complete oral communication skills.

by mockingbird
8 years ago
Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids: Tween Girls 10-12 years

What are the best Christmas gift ideas for tween or pre-teen girls (10-12 years)? Find out the most appropriate gifts to these kids for this upcoming holiday seasons.

Home & Garden
by karmicwindows
8 years ago
How to Make Dried Flowers in the Microwave

Would you like to keep flowers in your home through the winter? You can do so by drying your favorite blooms in the microwave oven. Roses (including buds), geraniums, marigolds, and zinnias dry very well using this method; however, flowers like impatiens and petunias don't turn out as well.

by wordspeller
8 years ago
Dressing Frida Kahlo Style

Frida Kahlo was a distinct figure in the history of art. She was unique and original, talented and gifted, and above all, stayed true to her Mexican roots. Applying color not only to her artwork but her life and sense of dress, she fashioned a world that extended beyond her paintings. Through the clothing that she wore, her vivid personality came to life. Inspired by the Tehuana tradition, she also found influence in mythical and colonial aspects of Mexican history. Artifacts of pre-Columbian origin had a profound impact on the subject matter she painted, and Frida collected and wore jewelry from that era.

by SallyeMayCreate
10 years ago
How To Reap The Benefits of Garden Therapy

It's human nature to cultivate health and harmony through an attraction or kinship to nature. After all, it all 'began' in a garden, didn't it? The therapeutic benefits of gardening have been used for decades and continue to become more widely used not only on an individual basis, but also as well documented formal programs,...

by 0sarakastic0
11 years ago
About April Birthstones

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. They are also the birthstone for april. If you wear this gem wrong, people might think you are engaged, instead of the fact that you are just celebrating when you were born. Here is how to wear the April birthstones...

Travel & Places
by askformore
8 years ago
Top Michigan Attractions

Michigan is loaded with countless museums, attractions, lakes, and other cool sports for tourists visiting this State. Whether you come to watch football or to go fishing, you will definitely be able to keep busy in the great State of Michigan The Renaissance Center is nicknamed...

by muselane
9 years ago
Homeschool Math Curriculum for Struggling Middle School Students

Learning challenged homeschool students need appropriate math curriculum that would best fit their different learning style.

by Wiesarc
9 years ago
How to do a Handstand

Learn how to do a handstand Doing a handstand is not something that is overly complicated. There are a few tricks though, that will help you get past a couple fairly formidable feeling barriers For starters; Getting Inverted. The...

Pets & Animals
by Jenny B
6 years ago
5 Benefits of Regularly Walking Your Dog

Regularly walking your dog is extremely beneficial to both you and your dog. Five benefits of regularly walking your dog are fitness for you and the dog, stress relief, being your dog's hero, getting enough Vitamin D and having an opportunity to practice dog obedience.

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