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Articles about bug

by Yindee
6 years ago
Olive, Ivy and Artemisia Leaves are Potent Green Medicines

People eat olives and drink the oil for health benefits. But we can also benefit from the leaves. Research done on Artemisia and olive leaves as well as some of their extracts prove they are hard hitters against diseases like malaria, candidiasis, hypertension, colds and flu, diabetes and poor circulation. Leaves grow on trees, so let's take a closer look!

Pets & Animals
by Tony Booth
5 years ago
Supplements Useful For Kidney Failure Dogs

This article explores the variety of supplements suggested for dogs in kidney failure and identifies those which are more likely to help.

by egdcltd
7 years ago
Ugliness on the Small Screen: Racism's History on Television

Television's earliest days were filled with racial stereotypes, cruelly portrayed and appealing to the lowest common denominator of the white viewing public.  These images reinforced popular prejudices of the times, but television has not been so progressive as to shy away from such racist portrayals.  Even today, programs feature modern versions of negative stereotypes of ethnic groups. 

by egdcltd
8 years ago
Billy The Kid

Folk hero, legend, killer of 21 men before he reached the age of 21?  Or, in reality, an adenoidal moron, a lucky bastard whose luck finally ran out?  The complete picture of the man/boy known more infamously today as Billy The Kid will likely never be clearly drawn.

by egdcltd
4 years ago
8 Great: Grade B Movies that Transcended

Grade B movies-the thrown-together, low-budget projects that they are-sometimes transcend their lowly status and become iconic for their innovations or storytelling.

by TrevorLaRene
5 years ago
Buying the Best Eggs

Egg cartons have many labels and descriptions. Here is how to find the best eggs at your local grocer.

by Sookie
4 years ago
Listening Skills - Have We Lost the Art? - 4 Ways to Really Listen

I ran into a friend the other day, and we were excited to see each other, it had been a long time.  We hugged and then she asked me a question, and as I answered the question I could see her eyes dart to her cell phone.

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