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by Mike and Friends
8 years ago
Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things: Two Tropes

This essay explores Roy's writing style, specifically her use of colors and scene in her vivid prose to create unforgettable people and places in her novel The God of Small Things.

by egdcltd
9 years ago
Erotic, Exotic Mata Hari

The most famous spy, who was active during World War I, happened to be a celebrated female exotic dancer named Mata Hari. However, her real "spy" activities may not have been as pervasive as orginally reported, and she may have been executed before a firing squad more for political reasons than for any real security breach.

by egdcltd
6 years ago
Damaged Justice in the Career Girls Murders of 1963

When two young women--both working professionals, one a teacher, the other a magazine "copy girl"--were found stabbed to death in their apartment in 1963, police had only one thing in mind: close the case.  However, their initial suspect, a mentally incompetent black man, turned out NOT to be their killer, though he was arrested, confessed, and put behind bars.

by Emily
10 years ago
Top 10 Most Amazing and Creative Recycled Art Displays

Top 10 Most Amazing and Creative Recycled Art DisplaysRecycled art is becoming more and more popular as our world is realizing the extreme importance of recycling. Many artists are finding amazing and creative ways to transform trash into treasure. Recycled art, AKA eco art, is a wonderful contribution not only to the world of art but to the world itself. Artists who integrate recyclable items into their artwork end up sparing the world millions of items that would otherwise be wasted, filling up landfills and polluting the earth. The following 10 artists demonstrate uniqueness, creativity, imagination, and the use of recyclable materials; these artistic factors have allowed them to create the most amazing and creative recycled art sculptures and portraits in the world. These top10 works of recycled art are in no particular order, each one of them exudes excellence and all are equally amazing in their own way! This amazing recycled art sculpture, created by artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, took its formation a few years back in Black Rock Desert, NV. The creative concept came from an assignment given to Mark Grieve to create an entryway into an area where a lot of people parked their bikes. Black Rock Desert, home to the yearly Burning Man Project, was the perfect site for their assignment. [read the rest]

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