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Articles about acid

by egdcltd
8 years ago
St. Bernadette: Beatific Light

46 years after her death, the Catholic Church beatified Bernadette, the first step toward canonization as a saint. During the years of investigation, her life and her death were examined in detail. Her body was exhumed more than once, and initially found free of advanced decomposition, a condition known as "incorruptibility".

by egdcltd
6 years ago
Final Serial Murders of 10 Rillington Place

By 1950, Reg Christie had gotten away with killing at least four people and was responsible for the conviction and execution of his upstairs neighbor, Tim Evans, for a murder Tim had not committed.  In the final stretch, Christie, after killing his wife, went on a murderous spree, killing one woman a month during the first three months of 1953.

by D One
5 years ago
50 Natural Ways to Grow Hair Faster

Here are some proven ways to grow hair faster naturally (references provided).

by TrevorLaRene
5 years ago
Buying the Best Eggs

Egg cartons have many labels and descriptions. Here is how to find the best eggs at your local grocer.

by Yindee
7 years ago
Citrus pulp facts - cures cancer, cuts cholesterol. Here are the recipes!

There is a lot of truth to the theory that fruit can fight cancer. This is a resource centre that provides all the information, recipes and references you need to get practical about citrus fruit. Not only for cancer but just about all the chronic health problems we have today can benefit from a prescription of citrus pectin, limonene and other natural drugs. 

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