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Articles about life

by Rye Man
10 years ago
How to Make a Home More Green Energy Efficient

How to Make a Home More Green Energy EfficientRecently, we have begun to witness an increased emphasis on the importance of environmental friendly, and energy efficient, technologies. The truth is, however, that the "green" movement isn't new by any means. Fortunately, there are many simple things that each and every one of us can do make our homes even that much more green energy efficient, that won't wreck or ruin a family who is living on a tight budget. If you have already begun thinking of ways to save money on your energy bills, then you have certainly reached this article in time. The smart changes that I present can really manifest in decreased energy bills, considerable savings, and a more eco-friendly consideration, especially in the long term.As a general background beyond society's desire to "go green", it has been shown that entire communities can benefit from these clear and distinct initiatives, whether pursued on the national level or within the confines of our own homes. After all, we have to begin somewhere. To make your home "green" simply means that you are taking the necessary steps to decrease our natural overconsumption of energy sources by using natural heating and cooling devices. Not only are we concerned about overconsumption of resources, but we are also concerned with providing renewable energy alternatives like wind and solar panels. These two energy sources, in particular, has also proven to be environmental friendly as well as cost effective in the long term. [read the rest]

Travel & Places
by JengoJengo
8 years ago
Things To Do in New Orleans - Tips from a NOLA Native!

Looking for things to do in New Orleans? New Orleans is a wonderful city, both to visit and to live in!  There is so much culture, vibrancy, and tradition.  Growing up in the Big Easy, there was always something to do, whether it be the world class attrctions like the Aquarium or Zoo, or visiting the French Quarter Market on a lazy Saturday.  The city has really come back from Hurricane Katrina, and in a big way! 

by SparkyStar
5 years ago
What Good Posture Can Do For You

Ways to improve your posture and banish pain for good.

by Travis_Aitch
9 years ago

SkateboardingSkateboarding is an activity that has seen more evolution in its history than perhaps any other sport. First bursting onto the scene in California in the 1950s as a new way to "surf on land", skateboards have gone through countless stages since the original prototype--a simple wooden plank with two roller skate trucks nailed to the bottom. In the early days, skateboarding was considered an off-shoot of surfing. Often referred to as "sidewalk surfing", skateboarders used their basic wooden planks and wheels on land to emulate the feel of riding the waves. It wasn't until the rest of the country caught onto this new fad that it just blew up and became what we now see it as today--a highly competitive sport consisting of ridiculous stunts, tricks, and maneuvers using skateboards with perfect dimensions and intricate artwork. 1940s The first prototype of the modern skateboard was created. It was called the "Skeeter Skate", and it was made from aluminum and was ridden on four pedal-car style wheels. The surface of the Skeeter Skate was about 4 3/8 inches wide and 15 3/4 inches long. You could ride it with a handle attached or without one. Before the Skeeter Skate, a few other things came out resembling skateboards, but they never had steering; you could only go straight on them. This was the first skateboard-type device with axles that you could steer, known as "trucks". [read the rest]

by DebW07
6 years ago
14 Fascinating Stories from 2014

Some of the most fascinating stories from 2014 include shocking allegations, deals, and deaths. 

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