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Articles about coaching

by philbechtel
7 years ago
Most Valuable Rookie Cards From the 80s

The 80s were the beginning of some down years for the hobby of collecting baseball cards. Still, there are a number of must-haves that were released in the 80s. Check out this list of great 80s rookies.

by Dr. Jerry Cunningham
7 years ago
Anthony Robbins: Personal Power To Business Giant

Anthony Robbins came from humble beginnings with the attitude he wanted to be successful. Like most young people he sought out the direction he felt was right for him. Anthony Robbins overcame many obstacles, set by others, and reinforced by his behaviors to become one of the most successful motivation trainer and coach in the world. World leaders and millionaires flock to Anthony Robbins to get the personal coaching to become even more of a success or to continue to succeed. Anthony Robbins has developed his own business plan and uses personal attributes and knowledge to become even more of a success himself. The Trainer of Trainers and the Coach of Coaches, Anthony Robbins.

Business & Money
by lecarlson
6 years ago
Internet Marketing From the Very Beginning

How to develop a viable sustainable internet business in 90 days (the short version). This is the map that shows 1 way to get there. A proven business model, proven methods, and no hype. Leave the picture in your mind of a used car salesman behind and this will show you how to bring dignity back to the internet. All for under $350.00.

by egdcltd
7 years ago
Modern Asian Ball-Joint Dolls: Fad, Freak Show

Something as innocently conceived as a children’s toy can be subverted and twisted into a subculture phenomenon, and not necessarily a psychically healthy one, either.  One current “cosplay” trend revolving around modern Asian ball-joint dolls has spawned many sexually mature young women and adolescent girls bent on looking, dressing, and acting like prepubescent, living versions of the archetypical “baby doll”.

by klaceyjsmith
8 years ago
Child Abuse: Unsubstantiated, No Checks or Bounds.

Are you having to deal with Child Protective Services either through a bogus complaint against you or as a result of a custody battle? If you have never dealt with this department before, as my father used to tell me, "Forewarned is forearmed." For a department that is supposed to protect our children, and is being paid to do so by our tax dollars, the name doesn't support the actions and the resulting tragic outcomes in all too many instances. For yourself, and, "In the best interests of the child," or children, it is imperative that you read this article.

by egdcltd
7 years ago
Moonlight Murders & The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Silvery, cold moonlight and night conspire to create an eerie sense of foreboding and terror.  For the night stalkers of the world – the serial killers, the sexual predators – a moonlit night provides just enough illumination to see the prey, but not so much light that the victim can easily identify the assailant. Presuming the victim remains alive, of course.

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