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Articles about york

by Marlando
8 years ago
Civilization: A Short Unexpected Journey through a Past of Religions

Civilization: A Short Unexpected Journey through a Religious Past is an article I believe will captivate the thinker--not because I have written it so well but because of the subject matter itself--Certainly if you are a member of one of the 3-big world religions, you will discover this article to be thought-prevoking if nothing else. It is after all your history and your future.

Business & Money
by Joey Batz
6 years ago
Dividend Growth Investing Part 2: How to Pick Dividend Stocks

Last time we spoke about dividend growth investing, I said I would show you how to pick dividend stocks. Well I'm here to show you exactly how I do it. In this article, we will take a stock an analyze it together.

by egdcltd
9 years ago
America's First Female Serial Killer

Belle Gunness, a pig-farming black widow, worked lonely suitors for money and their assets. She disappeared under mysterious circumstances but not before killing at least a few dozen people and disposing of their remains on her farm.

by Marlando
8 years ago
Music: One Hundred Years of Memories--1912-2012--Part Five

This is a series that spans 100 years of the romance of music and the reality of history in a mixture of Americana that takes the reader down memory lane into a mindscape of feelings and thoughts. This segment travels between 1970 and 2012 and I believe is a trip worth taking. You may recall times and tunes that you thought were lost forever. Enjoy!

by egdcltd
7 years ago
Crowdsourcing Presumed Serial Poisoner, Mary Ann Cotton, to Death

Mary Ann Cotton has passed into history as a vicious serial poisoner, mercilessly killing her loved ones for financial gain. However, a more careful inspection of her life and her case leads to the conclusion she was a victim of class prejudice and ignorance, and is not guilty of the 21 murders ascribed to her without a sound foundation.

by egdcltd
5 years ago
America's First Serial Killer and the Texas Servant Girl Murders

While perhaps serial killers and their activities may be as old as humanity itself there is one case from the late 1800s from Austin, Texas, that points up the probability of nailing down America's first documented string of serial killings. 

by brandon_gardner221
7 years ago
Breaking Down YouTube's Tribute to 2012

Ever find yourself wondering who exactly all the people were in YouTube's 2012 Rewind Video? Check out my breakdown of the tribute to 2012 and all the people featured in it!

by Emily
10 years ago
Top 10 Most Amazing and Creative Recycled Art Displays

Top 10 Most Amazing and Creative Recycled Art DisplaysRecycled art is becoming more and more popular as our world is realizing the extreme importance of recycling. Many artists are finding amazing and creative ways to transform trash into treasure. Recycled art, AKA eco art, is a wonderful contribution not only to the world of art but to the world itself. Artists who integrate recyclable items into their artwork end up sparing the world millions of items that would otherwise be wasted, filling up landfills and polluting the earth. The following 10 artists demonstrate uniqueness, creativity, imagination, and the use of recyclable materials; these artistic factors have allowed them to create the most amazing and creative recycled art sculptures and portraits in the world. These top10 works of recycled art are in no particular order, each one of them exudes excellence and all are equally amazing in their own way! This amazing recycled art sculpture, created by artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, took its formation a few years back in Black Rock Desert, NV. The creative concept came from an assignment given to Mark Grieve to create an entryway into an area where a lot of people parked their bikes. Black Rock Desert, home to the yearly Burning Man Project, was the perfect site for their assignment. [read the rest]

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