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by AmenValo
6 years ago
Ways To Improve Communication Skills:

Improving communication skills in order to become an effective communicator is an essential skill to learn. Everyone is born with a clean slate, adapting to the world around him or her and learning as they go. The excellent thing about communication is that like most skills, this can be...

by Sookie
5 years ago
Listening Skills - Have We Lost the Art? - 4 Ways to Really Listen

I ran into a friend the other day, and we were excited to see each other, it had been a long time.  We hugged and then she asked me a question, and as I answered the question I could see her eyes dart to her cell phone.

Travel & Places
by JengoJengo
8 years ago
Things To Do in New Orleans - Tips from a NOLA Native!

Looking for things to do in New Orleans? New Orleans is a wonderful city, both to visit and to live in!  There is so much culture, vibrancy, and tradition.  Growing up in the Big Easy, there was always something to do, whether it be the world class attrctions like the Aquarium or Zoo, or visiting the French Quarter Market on a lazy Saturday.  The city has really come back from Hurricane Katrina, and in a big way! 

by SparkyStar
5 years ago
What Good Posture Can Do For You

Ways to improve your posture and banish pain for good.

by RoseWrites
5 years ago
Ham Steaks With Port, Cinnamon and Maple Glaze

My man-servant brought home ham steaks and asked me to create a brand new recipe. Staring at my kitchen (and into cyberspace), I found inspiration in the LCBO recipe finder and a bottle of vintage port. Where else? My Canadian tweak was maple syrup but you could also use honey. Served up with a side of potatoes and peas, I think you'll find this simple dish a keeper.

by egdcltd
4 years ago
Movie Review: The Martian

Astronaut Mark Watney is believed to have been killed when the Mars mission he is on is forced to leave ahead of schedule. Only he's not dead, and he has to survive on a barren world with limited supplies whilst NASA tries to work out a way to bring him home.

by Mic Brody
5 years ago
Going Out as a Transgender Person

So your ready to go out into the world as your new gender identity. Here are some tips that might help make your first time out a spectacular one!

by Yindee
7 years ago
Citrus pulp facts - cures cancer, cuts cholesterol. Here are the recipes!

There is a lot of truth to the theory that fruit can fight cancer. This is a resource centre that provides all the information, recipes and references you need to get practical about citrus fruit. Not only for cancer but just about all the chronic health problems we have today can benefit from a prescription of citrus pectin, limonene and other natural drugs. 

by mommymommymommy
5 years ago
Top 10 Unrequited Love Songs

Sometimes you love someone who does not love you back. Here are the top 10 songs about unrequited love that relate to how you are feeling.

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